Machine Quilting: Flowers and Stars

Bobette was on a roll and made a ton of matching-but-not quilts for a room she was redoing. It'll take me a bit to get through all of the posts, so stick with me!

Oh, and on a sidenote, there won't be a Confessions post this week, but come back next week for another fun topic. Part of the reason being that my barely 6 month old started thinking about crawling less than a couple weeks ago, started crawling a week ago and is now pulling herself up on everything! I'm so not ready!!!

Back to the quilt for today. It's a beauty!
 You may recognize this quilt pattern, I've lost count of how many versions of this pattern Bobette has made and I've quilted, but you can see them here, here, here, and here. I think there's more, but that's enough for today. You get the point how versatile this quilt really is.
 Well, for this one Bobette wanted feathers and she wasn't sure exactly how. That part was up to me so I used the feathers in the "flowers" and had the feathers radiate out from the center and swirl to fill each quadrant. No two pieces are the same size and shape in this pattern, so the quilting has to be just as forgiving.
 In the stars I quilted a dahlia in the center and filled the background with swirls. A simple outline separates the stars from the flowers and makes the whole quilt work.
 Here's a better view of the flowers and stars working together.
 I LOVE this quilt!
It even looks great on the back! One of my main goals as a quilter is the back should look just as good as the front. Sometimes I joke that I like the backs so much you can get double use out of the quilt - it can be the quilt as you know it or a wholecloth if you flip it over and show off the back!

It was challenging in a good way to take this wonky style pattern and make the quilting a tad bit more elegant but still whimsical. Mission accomplished! Stay tuned for more of these blue-grey-quilts for Bobette's room! I'll post more photos soon! Now off to chase that baby!

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