Machine Quilting: Wonky Rustic Stars

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how much fun it was to quilt duplicate but different quilts. Today is another one of those. It's actually the 4th time I've quilted this pattern, but the second time I focused on the stars.
 I wanted to quilt this similar to the other quilt where I focused on the stars (I'll show it in a bit), but I wanted this quilt to have it's own identity. The dark stars and the rich browns felt very rustic to me. It was a nice contrast to the modern pattern.
 First, I focused on the stars and quilted in the same design I used on these Lemoyne Stars. It's a simple bounce-type pattern and then I filled in the points of the stars with more lines. It works really well on this design since no two stars are the same. The bounce-type quilting fills the areas and gives a consistent look but it's flexible enough to be altered within each block.

Then I filled in the browns with my Worm Wave pattern. I normally would opt for swirls (I love swirls) but it didn't fit the feel of the quilt. The Worm Waves remind me of worm wood (hence the name) and it fit the warmth and richness of the fabrics.

Contrasting the two main designs from straight pointy lines to soft waves gives definition to each area but allows them to work together too.
 Finally I filled in the outer border with the same Worm Waves pattern since it was the same brown tone... Plus it was relatively small and a new quilting design would have looked like an after thought. Sometimes the simplest answer is best.

To bridge the outer border and the star design, I quilted in this argyle-like design that's another straight bounce-type design. It's really easy to freehand and get in a rhythm, but to match the wonky stars I had to keep purposely "messing up" and making some angles sharper and lines longer.

Those types of moments make me chuckle. Especially when you train in graphic design and everything has to be straight and even and just so, and then you purposefully have to be messy... It's much harder than you might think!
Here you can see the back and how the different designs stand out. I love this quilt!
 Now here's the fun part. This was the original quilt I worked on...
 And the second version where we first focused on the stars...
And the latest quilt where we chose to make the flowers stand out...

They are all the same pattern. Including the quilt I shared today. Just goes to prove that by simple changing the colors and the color placement, it can look like a whole new design! Don't be afraid to play with patterns and use darker or bolder prints because it's different than the picture on the pattern! If you have an idea try it out!

Worst case scenario would be it would turn into a learning experience if you didn't like the outcome. Best case scenario would be an awesome quilt.

If you're too hesitant to dive in and just start quilting, don't forget all of the software options out there that allow you to make your quilt digitally and adjust colors before you purchase or cut a single fabric! EQ is a great user friendly option but there are so many more options too. Just take a look in the back of your favorite magazine and see all of the ads for the different companies.

Thank you, Bobette for letting me play with your quilts again and just create! It's always a joy to work on your quilts!

If you are interested in my machine quilting services, you can check out the Machine Quilting Information page (tab at the top if you're looking on a desktop, look under the dropdown menu if looking at the mobile site) or you can always e-mail me at RubyBlueQuilts (at) gmail (dot) com.

Right now I'm booking into June (but that can change quickly) so please plan ahead if you have a specific date you need your quilt back by. I try to keep my turnaround time at 4-6 weeks or less, but it can change depending on how many quilts I receive.

Also, I just received my first two Christmas quilts for the year... Just wanted to drop a friendly reminder that there's only 33 Fridays left until Christmas... I can always reserve a block of dates to make sure you can get your quilt back in time, just ask! It comes in handy for those large wedding quilts and Christmas projects that you've been working on and you don't know exactly when you'll get it done. Think about it and let me know!

Well, speaking of quilting, I better get out there and work on some more fun quilts! Have a great day!

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  1. Hi, when the picture of the brown fabric quilt popped up in my e-mail feed, I thought it was a stack of wood for the fire place.
    We heat the house with a wood furnace and I see this configuracion out past the garden on a daily bases.
    It is beautiful.


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