Machine Quilting: Wonky Stars

This quilt is a stunner... It was stunning before I got my hands on it and I can only hope that I helped take it over the top... But first you need the details! This is another one of those quilts that Bobette brings me and it immediately goes on my to-do list. And not only is it awesome for that fact, it's also the same quilt pattern I quilted for Bobette this past Fall, but you wouldn't know it!
 Isn't this a great cozy lap quilt that's perfect for winter without screaming "Christmas". I thought so. It's just so rich and pretty and, well, you get the idea. Do you recognize the pattern yet?
How about now? This is the exact same pattern with the colors flipped. And Bobette only used two fabrics in the new version. Just by switching the color placement this quilt went from floral and warm to rich and cozy...
 But enough on that part, let's see more of the quilt! This reminded me so much of the Nordic styling that has been so popular in quilt designs as of late. And it was almost Christmas time too, so that may have influenced my design choices a bit...
 Each block is impromptu and wonky so I had to use a plan that could adapt accordingly. What I chose to do was mark the center-ish of each star and quilt these diamond-ish shapes out from each center to the points.
 I also kept the background quilting the same as the first quilt (if it's not broke, don't fix it!) and outlined each area and filled it with swirls for a contrasting texture.
 I had so much fun quilting this and I was sad when it was almost over because I knew I would have to give it back soon.
 But then I got to thinking I could make my own (1. because I really like it and 2. so I can quilt it just like this one) and that little seed sat in the back of my mind and grew into this new plan I have to show you next.
Here's how the back of the quilt turned out. I think it's awesome... But how could I not?! I keep joking with Bobette that she has to stop making these awesome quilts because it keeps adding to my to-do list... I also threaten to keep her quilts and that hasn't worked yet... Guess I'm going to just have to make my own then.

Have you ever made a quilt like this that has taken on a new personality just by changing the placement of the colors? If not, I urge you to try it out if your gut is telling you to change up something, the results could be amazing!




  2. Wow! They are both beautiful. What is the name of this pattern?

    1. This quilt is called Starflower and can be found in the book, Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe!

  3. What an awesome quilt (s)! and beautiful quilting!


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