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If you are interested in having your project quilted, I would be happy to finish it for you! I offer all sorts of designs to choose from ranging from all over designs (edge to edge), semi-custom quilting (where a border or open area is quilted differently than the rest of the quilt), and custom quilting.

I just started Pinterest boards showcasing the quilts I've done in the past. Each photo lists what type of quilting was done (if it wasn't custom) and the boards have information about pricing. You can go to those boards here (you do not have to be a user of Pinterest to see these pages):

All Over Designs begin at $0.02 per square inch

Semi-Custom Quilting begin at $0.03 per square inch

Custom Quilting begin at $0.04 per square inch up to $0.06

Quiltworx Custom Quilting  begin at $0.04 per square inch up to $0.06
(because I have done so many quilts designed by Judy Niemeyer, they really deserve a board of their own)

For local customers, please call me at 440-567-1688 to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your quilt.

If you would like to send me a quilt to finish for you, my shipping address is:
Rebecca Silbaugh
972 Pebble Beach Cove
Painesville, OH 44077

Please call or e-mail me at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com to let me know to expect the delivery. If you send out a quilt, please be sure to include your name, address that you would like the quilt returned to, best phone number to get a hold of you, your e-mail address and any other specific details to mention like quilting pattern choice and thread color.

Before I quilt any quilt, I make sure to check over all of the details with you to make sure you and I are on the same page and we've covered all of the options like pattern, thread color, batting, etc.

I will be adding a quick pricing guide later on to this page to view the cost differences between the sizes of quilts and the levels of quilting, but if you have any questions on a quote, please contact me. Otherwise, I do have a minimum charge per quilt of $50.

I can currently quilt up to an 120" quilt depending on the batting. The largest batting I currently carry is 122" square which would allow for a quilt roughly 115" square (I need a little extra around all four sides). If you have any questions, we can discuss this.

What I need from you is a nicely pressed quilt top that is free of loose threads. I know threads tend to happen, but if you could clean it up as much as possible, it will save me time and you money. There cannot be any holes in the quilt top.

Quilt backings need to come with the quilt and they need to be a bit larger than the quilt top. A quilt back in excess of 10" added to the length and width of the quilt top. For custom quilting, 15" added to the width and the length would be appreciated (it helps allow more room for the ruler base). As with the top, the backings need to be nicely pressed, free of all loose threads, and no holes in the stitching. I do not stock backings at this time. And please remember that it's always better to have too much backing than too little. If you have questions or need help determining how much backing you need, please contact me.

I currently stock Dream Poly Select batting, but can get any of the Quilter's Dream battings. They have a wide variety from cottons, blends, wool, puff, silks, etc. and I LOVE their products. If you have batting you would like to provide, I can use it depending on the type, but I have the final decision of what will work and what will not work with my machine. If your batting is not able to be used, prior to any changes, you will be contacted first. If you're providing batting too, please make the batting larger than the quilt top by 8"-10" added to the width and length.

Piecing Backings
I also understand that some people don't love every part of the quilting process and I can help you out with some of them. If you don't want to piece your back, I can sew it together for you for $0.10 per linear inch of the seam. Just please notify me ahead of time this task needs to be done or it can result in a delay for you, me, and all of my other clients waiting too.

I can also make and attach bindings too. Depending on my schedule I can also finish them for you too, but I cannot guarantee this option for every quilt. To make and attach a binding to the front of the quilt, the charge is $0.10 per linear inch. To complete all steps of the binding process (so you basically get the quilt back ready to use) this price is $0.25 per linear inch. The prices listed above are for straight binding and square corners. For scalloped edges, rounded corners and bias binding, the pricing will be quoted per quilt.

My Machine
I quilt on a brand new HandiQuilter 24 Fusion and do most designs free motion (free hand). This allows me to give you a much better product and produce much better results for your quilt. I promise to treat your quilt with respect and I will care for it and quilt it as if it were my own.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me anytime or call me at 440-567-1688. Please remember I do have other priorities than work so I respectfully ask that you do not call after 8pm Eastern time or on Sundays (we all need a day off from time to time). I do not make any calls before 9am, after 7pm or on Sundays.

Thank you!


  1. Your Custom Quilting link is going to your Semi Custom Pinterest page.

    1. Dang! Updated it, thank you for letting me know!


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