Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Shimmer

If there is one style that I gravitate towards when I'm designing quilts, it's probably star quilts. There are so many little adjustments you can make to change the personality of the block. With that kind of versatility, I find star quilts work great for anyone and any style. They're not gender, age or style specific so star quilts cater to a much broader audience. The quilt I'm about to show you fits into this category wonderfully!
Photo used with permission from Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.

Meet Shimmer! I love this quilt. It's a star quilt, there's no doubt about that, but it's interesting... I love the fact that every person I have shown this quilt to sees something different. Some people notice a lattice type effect, some pick out the secondary stars in the design, and some just gawk with their jaw on the floor (and that's perfectly fine with me, just don't drool on the quilt).

Shimmer is created with the Tonga Treats 6-Pack. The 6-Pack is a fairly new bundle that includes 20 strips that are each 6" wide x WOF. Some packs have 20 different fabrics and some have less fabrics (some duplicates may be in the pack), but this new bundle is a great way to still have a coordinated fabric group and still have a nice bit of fabric to play with.

Sometimes when I'm playing with a new design and I find a new fabric I like, I'll grab a charm pack... Then once I get into the project I fall in love even more with the fabric and wish I had more of it to play with... Sometimes I'd like a little more heft to satisfy my fabric craving. You can get that with the Tonga Treats 6-packs. Unlike a fat quarter bundle, the strips are still the width of fabric so it feels like yardage and it tricks your brain into thinking there is more fabric in there.

One of my favorite aspects of making scrappy quilts is when I can take a simple design and add extra pieces into it. It's part of my "the more the merrier" mentality. For instance, some of the triangles are whole, and some are pieced in this quilt. Part of the reasoning for that was to make it easier to sew the blocks together, and part of the reason was simply because I could. :)

The bundle I created this quilt with obviously had a simple fall-like color palette to it and I love how it turned out. However, don't forget that this whole new book is full of tips and tricks if you'd like to use your stash too! This would be amazing with a smattering of whatever fills your scrap bins thrown together. With a more eclectic color palette, parts of this design may stand out mare giving your quilt a totally new look from the original!

Shimmer and all of the other quilts I've shared each Monday are patterns in my new book, Seems Like Scrappy, due out this June. Come back each Monday to see a new quilt from the book and I'll keep you posted on when you too can get a copy! I know June is still a bit away, but I have that feeling that if I blink, it'll be here in an instant! I can't wait to share the book with all of you!


Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Medley

Happy Monday! Hahahaha, yeah, it even felt wrong typing that... I'm still downing coffee and think I'm going to need another to keep me going today. Paco (my deaf, blind, super old Chihuahua) decided to sleep all day yesterday after we went for a walk and then he was up all night... So not cool!

Anywho, it is Monday again so I have another quilt from Seems Like Scrappy to share! I'd like to introduce you to Medley:
Photo used with permission from Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.
Quilting by Steve Kooistra. 


It's quite apparent that sampler quilts are really popular right now. I am seeing them all over other quilter's blogs as well as Pinterest and Instagram. Medley is my version of a simplified sampler. There are several different nine patch blocks within this design so... there's a theme but it's subtle. 

I used a blend of Civil War reproduction fabrics and some batiks to create the color scheme in this quilt. I love combining the two and it gives you a color scheme that is rich and vibrant with a depth of color you wouldn't normally be able to create with just one or the other. 

I love mixing fabrics like this in my quilts because for me, it breaks those unspoken rules in quilting. When I started quilting you hardly ever mixed lines of fabric and if you did it was usually still the same designer's fabrics. It was unheard of to combine two different styles of fabric! And lordy, if you did... The looks and glances that came your way... You were one short ride away from getting your head checked. 

Thankfully the industry has changed and adapted. There are so many innovative quilters that have made crazy wonderful combinations that break these unspoken rules whether it be out of necessity or just because. Basically what I guess I'm trying to say today and with my quilt is this: if you have an idea and you think it'll look amazing - GO FOR IT! 

There are no rules in quilting! There's only guidelines. The greatest part about quilting is there is no right or wrong with anything. There is just what works best for you and that's that. I can think of several ways to make HSTs. I like to make them one way, but that doesn't mean that if you make them different your way is wrong... That just means you took a different path to get to the same end result. Can't we all just celebrate the fact that we are different and build each other up for embracing our individual creativity rather than knock people off of their creative path? Just think on that fact for me and pass along the inspiration. 

Now, I know you won't like everything everyone else does, and you are entitled to your own opinion, but please be respectful of others creativity. Constructive criticism has a time and place. Nasty criticism never has a place... Alrighty, phew! I don't know where that came from, but it obviously had to come out!

As much as I love Medley, I have been thinking of making a softer more girly version with some Liberty of London scraps I have from my latest swap project. I thought the pieces I had were larger so it may not work the way I had in mind, but we will see :) 

I had this quilted with a baptist fan design because it's one of my favorite traditional quilting designs and this quilt begged for it. I'm so happy that it turned out just the way I had in mind! The quilting was the icing on the cake for this quilt and it just finished it off perfectly. 

Medley is a large lap size / small twin so it's a great substantial quilt without being too big. Medley was designed to use fat eighths and some yardage, but it works great with leftover scraps too for more variety within the blocks. 

I try not to play favorites with my quilts, but this one has a special place in my heart. I don't know why, but I think it's because this would fit into any room in my home. It has that comfy cozy feel that fits in regardless of the weather outside or the holidays on the calendar. 

I hope you all like Medley! I can't wait for you to see the book as a whole and it will be released before we know it! I actually just got my advance copy last week and I screamed when it came. You can read all about it in the previous post. 

Seems Like Scrappy will be released in June, so hold on tight and it will be here soon! I will be back next week with another quilt to share! 


Happy Mail!!!

I have just a few minutes to pop in and share some exciting news:
My advance copy of Seems Like Scrappy  arrived in the mail!!!

I had just walked in the door and went to let the dogs out before we sat down for dinner and noticed this piece of cardboard that the dogs almost tripped over. As soon as the dogs had finished their business and were in the house safe and sound I screamed for joy!!!

It's so pretty! I know this should be old business for me since I've been working on this book for what feels like forever (in all actuality about a year and a half), but I couldn't wait to sit down and just look through the pages. I even went backwards for whatever reason... 

Anywho, that was the exciting part of my week. I can't wait until this book is finally released and you all can squeal with delight like I did! 


Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Nova

It's still Monday, right? Well, over here I'm considering this Monday Part Two.

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. Let's just say that the holidays and my family don't mix. Someone inevitably ends up at an urgent care or an ER... Everyone is fine, life is good, there was just a little hiccup so I couldn't post yesterday. How about we get to that quilt, shall we?
Photo used with permission from Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved. 

I'd like you to meet Nova! Nova, meet everyone!

Some of you may know, others may not. I have a serious art background. I have been drawing practically since I could hold a crayon. This led me to a college program for Graphic Design which then led to my love of quilts along a scenic journey.

I love quilts for their use of color and texture and math! It's true, there is a LOT of math that goes into designing a quilt. This quilt is an even blend for me of the art and the math in quilts. I always thought it would be fun to create a pixellated quilt, but I just couldn't quite get the look I was going for. Most of my quilting doodles would start out with something like this and then I was onto the next doodle.

I honestly don't even remember how this design ended up going from a doodle to a quilt. There must have been a lack of coffee that morning. I just remember the instant I knew it would work. That was a great feeling.

Nova is created using charm packs and yardage for the background, however for an even scrappier look you could substitute mini charms. I had this explosive type coloring in mind (explosive like explosive drawings, not the big boom kind of explosion) and I had fun playing with the colors and textures to create this effect.

This was one of the first quilt tops I completed for this book, but one of the last to get quilted. I had this image in my head of how I wanted the quilting to look and I just couldn't figure out how to do it free motion. Then one day I started stumbling around online and found Abby through Pinterest or Instagram and she just happened to post a new design for her computerized machine and it was EXACTLY what I had in mind!!! This design is called rain puddle I think... Either way, it's perfect and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. For more information on Abby's quilting services, you can visit her here.

All in all, Nova turned into one of the most fun and free thinking quilts that truly speaks to the inner artist in me. It could also speak to the inner whatever in you! I would like to make this quilt again, but I can't decide what fabrics I'd like to use. At one moment I'll think it would look great in soft yet bright florals and a white background... Then I start thinking it would be fun in a monochromatic scheme for a more subtle approach... And then I look in my stash and come up with too many options to pick just one.

If I can ever make a decision and actually start to cut fabric, I will be sure to post pictures here! This is a very fun, very fast, very forgiving quilt that everyone is sure to love! What colors and fabrics would you choose to make your version out of? You just may sway my decision (whenever I get around to making it)

Have a great day and come back next Monday for more quilts from my new book, Seems Like Scrappy, due to be released this June! For other quilts that have already been featured from this new book, click here. 


Third Edition

Yesterday I came home to find some exciting news in my mail:
Martingale sent me a letter to tell me that Seamingly Scrappy is being reprinted, again!!! 

Thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy and loves scrappy quilts as much as I do!

I still can't believe this is my job and it's been a wonderful journey so far, I can't wait to see what it'll be like after Seems Like Scrappy is released soon!

Thank you again! -Rebecca


Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Splotch

Very similar to my first title, Seamingly Scrappy, this new book, Seems Like Scrappy, will feature several quilts designed to give you a scrappy look by using precuts. There are 14 quilts in this new book and I've shown you several thus far that use your favorite precuts including fat quarters, layer cakes and jelly rolls. One pattern I've introduced you to was designed to use a fairly new precut, the Tonga 6-pack, and today I'm going to show a project that uses another newer precut, the honeycomb.
Photo provided by Martingale, photography by Brent Kane

Here's Splotch! This is a fun, quirky, easy to create small quilt that is packed with personality! I had so much fun creating this little gem and I'm actually working on another version of it now.

Wait, I need to backup a minute. What's a honeycomb you may be asking? A honeycomb is a fairly new precut from the fabulous minds at Moda. It is a hexagon shape that is 6" from point to point. Just like charm packs and layer cakes, you get a variety of fabrics in each pack and a little bonus... A bonus you ask... Because this shape is a bit more complex than your regular ole strips and squares, included in each pack is a plastic template with a small hole 1/4" in from each point. That way if you'd like to piece them just as is, you can mark the intersections to create Y seams (if you're planning on piecing it that way).

There are several projects out and about in the marketplace featuring hexagon shapes (whether the fabrics started that way or not) and it's fun to play with a new shape that isn't a square. These pieces are so much fun to play with and for this particular pattern, I've taken the fear and concern of weird shapes out of the picture. Trust me.

Splotch is super quick and fun to make, like I said before, I'm making another one. I hope to show it to you soon. When I made the original (shown above), I had so much fun playing off of the vibe it gave, so I kept the quilting simple and slightly modern. You can see it fairly well in this picture because I used Dream Puff batting to show off the texture even more.

I thought this quilt reminded me of tumbling blocks and toys for toddlers and I originally imagined this quilt as a nursery decoration. The version I'm making now has a much more elegant feel with the Fig Tree fabrics and I'm adjusting the background slightly (I always have to make a small complex adjustment because I can. It's the artist in me, I can't stop it). I'm hoping this new version will work well as a wall hanging in my living room or kitchen... We shall see where it ends up... And I promise to show it to you once I get the top done. It's looking well so far. I need to lay it out to plan the next step and I just haven't had the opportunity yet. I have too many quilts in the works... Eh, the story of my life!

So, I'm curious. Have you played with honeycombs before? Have you seen them at your LQS and picked it up to study it, but set it back down because you didn't know what to do? Now, you know! Plus, if you can't find them locally, they are available in several online shops. Isn't the internet wonderful?!

I have one more pattern in Seems Like Scrappy that will also use the honeycomb. I will share that quilt in the future, I have so many more quilts to share! Seems Like Scrappy will be released this June, but I will be showing the book and all of my quilts at Spring Market, so if you're planning on heading to Market, come see me! I'll be bringing my alternate versions too to show options, it should be a good time. Who am I kidding? Market is always a good time! It's just more fun when I have quilts and all of this secret sewing I can finally show!

I will be back next Monday with another quilt and more pictures. I actually just got a bunch of the quilts back from Martingale! I was happy to come home from vacation to this big box of awesomeness!

That is a big box of quilts (it's actually only a bit more than half of the quilts in the book)! More to come soon!


Einstein Fluff

So I just wanted to pop in and show you all this Einstein fluff Miss Rosie Roo has:
 Can you see it?! That little fluff patch between her ears?!
 This dog literally has every type of coat you can think of. Her ears are velveteen soft. Her back is coarse wiry curls. Her sides have super fine hair that you can only see when the light shines on it and it sticks straight out.
 But this little Einstein patch is unlike anything I've ever seen! It looks and feels like a cotton ball and I can't get enough!
Rosie is settling in just fine and we've made some huge improvements in the few weeks we've had her! I love this pup and I can't get enough!
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