Woodland Sunset Part Two

In eager anticipation of Seems Like Scrappy coming out next May... I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the quilts from my first book, Seamingly Scrappy. This summer (or fall, I honestly can't remember) I quilted up a new version of Woodland Sunset.
 When I was picking out the fabric for the original quilt, I picked out Fat Quarters knowing that I only needed Fat Eighths... This way I could have two quilts! Score! I didn't get around to making this quilt as soon as I had expected (obviously) so the border fabrics weren't available for a duplicate quilt. No problem, I improvised and played in an alternate color story...
 I quilted this shortly after I finally tried ruler work on the long arm... I was hooked, I think it looks awesome!
 I continued the lines into the side setting pieces and then quilted the border to mimic the fabric.
 I really love how the quilting looks in the smaller blocks in the border.
 Hard to believe the same fabrics were used for both quilts, here's the original quilt below:
And just to prove it, I did this to show how much changing the border fabric can alter the look of a quilt. Pretty cool, huh? 
Once again, these quilts are from the pattern Woodland Sunset out of my first book, Seamingly Scrappy. Who knows, this quilt is so fun and simple to make, I may make another some day. Right now I keep thinking about Christmas quilts to make... This would be a fun winter quilt... In all of my spare time, right?


Holiday Giggles

Sooooo... I shared with you guys my yoga class hiccups from before. Well, my bestie and I were taking the classes together and then life got busy so we both just did our own thing.

Well, if you didn't hear the yoga class story, you can read about it here. Katti just joined a new club that offers yoga classes and she wants me to sign up... Just thinking about it I started giggling and then my brother showed me this video:

I don't think I can ever take a yoga class again... Hope this brought a chuckle to your day!!!


Clarence the Christmas Goose (free printable)

Now, some of may know, many may not, but I used to draw... A LOT. I took every art class offered at my school (which wasn't much, it's a small school) and I went to college for graphic design. Well, i still dabble from time to time with some sketches and a few years ago it dawned on me as we were pulling out Christmas decorations, that I didn't have a stocking... My hubby had 5...

Now, I have stockings at other houses where we do get togethers at the holidays, but I didn't have one at home and it was about time I changed that, so I came up with Clarence the Christmas Goose!

He's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself and I decided to put him on a stocking for myself... Well, there was one slight issue... Now that he's done and finished, that stocking is the smallest one by a long shot! Oh well, it's one of those things when you're in the heat of the design and it looks great on the computer...Then in real life it's dwarfed from the idea you had in mind...

Well, Clarence is actual sized in the printout below to the stocking I made. Feel free to increase or reduce his size to fit your needs. I also included the design for the berry branch on the cuff of the stocking.

For the design I only used black and red threads, black for the main areas (I did a backstitch, it's my go-to stitch) and where you see a little "o" I made a french knot with the red thread for the berries. Oh, I lied, there's a bit of green for the holly leaves! If you don't like french knots you can do whatever you'd like instead like add buttons or use another stitch.

I did not include the stocking in the printable as I said, it's just too small and to get it to a decent size, I'd have to break it up into four pages or so, so instead I'd recommend tracing a stocking you already own or free handing your own to get the size you prefer.

Alrighty, to get to the printable design, click here. Now, I've had some questions with the other printouts I've had in the past... When you click on the link. You can either click the printer at the top center of the page to print the design, or click the arrow to download it. It's that easy.

Well, I hope you like Clarence as much as I do and I'd love to see what you plan on making with his little sweet self on it! I have another pillow I made with a saying on it, but I have no clue where it is and it's still not stuffed... So if I find it, I'll show it some day.

Maybe some of you with the fast fingers will have your own Clarence in time for Christmas... I'll be lucky to get all of my presents wrapped in an orderly fashion at this point! Have a great weekend (or what's left of it) and I'll be back with more posts soon!

Candy Sweets Quilt (A Free Tutorial)

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the folks at Timeless Treasures Fabrics and they asked me to come up with a fun Christmas-y quilt... Well, this is what I came up with:
 The great thing about this quilt, well there's a few:

1. It's fast, fun and simple.
2. It uses 5" squares and minimal yardage (so you probably have all of the fabrics at home already)
3. It can be used for Christmas or any get together for a little quilty decor. I had in mind that it would look great at the dessert table or at a cookie exchange!
4. It's small enough to be used as a wall hanging, but big enough to make an impact!!!
I had so much fun making this quilt and I hope you do too. You can head on over to Timeless Treasures blog here to get the tutorial! It actually posted Friday and I was stuck in the whirlwind of quilting deadlines that I actually forgot it was posting that day... Ooooppppssss. We set this tutorial up a few weeks ago and I lost track of time!

That's actually the reason the blog has been so quiet. Between the unexpected trips to the dentist and trying to meet the quilting deadlines for Christmas and Farmpark, I have been a quilting fool. Seriously, my goal today is to wash AND DRY my hair for the first time in forever. It takes so much time I usually towel dry it as best I can and then throw it up in a messy bun and run out the door. It's the little things, isn't it?

Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial, I'd love to see pictures if you make your own version of it! Last night I took a quick break to finish up Christmas shopping, so far this morning I've pulled out a few decorations, and it reminded me that I have one to share with you here. To make up for my lack of blogging, I'll post again later today with a little embroidery piece (I'll share the design as a free printable too!) that I whipped up. Until then, have a great weekend!!! I've got a little bit more quilting this week to finish up, so I'll be out there a bit later today, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It's a good thing because Christmas isn't that far away!!!


Two words

Root canal...
I had a little setback last week with a tooth ache that turned into an unexpected root canal on Friday. Needless to say I got little quilting done this weekend, but I'm feeling much better now that the meds have kicked in and I plan to take on some super extra long days to keep up with the quilts I need to finish for my customers. 

Please understand that I'd rather heal and be in my best condition to work on your quilt rather than try to work on it in a drug induced stupor...

All I have to say is I'm just glad this didn't happen over vacation... Well, hope you all have enjoyed the quilt pictures I've been posting, I should have more to come soon!!!


Machine Quilting: Blue Churndashes

Well, that wonderful Amy brought me the quilt of a lifetime. I seriously want to play in her stash. She makes me want to play in my stash. It's a never ending battle I'm losing... But it was soooo worth it to work on this quilt.
 When I opened this quilt to come up with a plan... I was too mesmerized by all of the fabrics and combinations in the blocks that I would forget to plan and would just stare... This quilt actually scared me a bit. I was putting so much pressure on myself to come up with something awesome to match the workmanship that went into it and finally I just had to break it down piece by piece and go from there.
 Now Amy is a hand quilter at heart so I tackle her quilts a little differently keeping that traditional styling in mind. I had to consult her on a few of these details because they felt a bit too modern, but I'm soooo glad we used them in this quilt.
 And in true fashion, the borders got their feathers, like a traditional quilt, there's a nice mix of hard lines and soft curves that work well together.
 And then before you knew it, the quilt was done. And I was sad... I didn't want it to leave. I didn't know how to get going and then I didn't want to stop...
 But can you blame me when you have this amazingness to look at?! I miss it already...
But it doesn't stop there... Here's a view of the back. It's a very light detailed white on white that reads like a solid and shows off the quilting beautifully!!! Don't you agree???

Amy... Now I know this quilt has a home... But if she ever doesn't want it anymore, you know where to find me, okay? Seriously...

Thanks again for letting me play on your quilts and thanks for playing along and virtually loving on these quilts with me! It's so fun to look at some of these quilts a week or a month or so later and reminisce.


Machine Quilting: Large Flowers

When Bobette dropped this quilt off, I thought I was on candid camera. It had to be a joke...
 You see... Bobette does primitive cozy quilts. Not batiks... Not brights... Not large flowers. It honestly stumped me on how to quilt this since it was out of her normal box. I wasn't exactly sure on how to tackle it so I consulted a friend and luckily we were both on the same page so I got to work.

It just took a bit... I honestly loaded the quilt and sat there for a couple hours staring at it trying to come up with a game plan. Well, once I got going, I was on a roll!
 This is probably one of the most modern impromtu style quilts that has strolled across my machine. And to match it's personality, this is probably one of the most modern quilting designs to spring from my fingertips.
 Each of the flowers were outlined and filled in with lines in the petals and pebbles for the center. Then the background was filled with swirls to be a texture and an opposing design to the flowers.
 It really turned out quite striking!
I love how this one looked from the back. This fabric had a very minimal print to it so it read more as a solid and with contrasting yellow thread, it looked amazing!!! I think all in all, it was a success all around.

This was definitely one of those times where I wish I had a secret camera to get Bobette's reaction when she saw the quilt for the first time! It was priceless!

Thank you, Bobette! As always, it was a pleasure to work on your quilt!!!
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