It's official!!!

We are having a little girl!!!

I'm still processing that little fact. I honestly had absolutely no intuition and didn't think I cared regardless, but now that it's a girl, maybe my heart was 51/49 leaning towards a boy. Alas, we are super excited and I'm starting to plan the nursery and her first quilt!!! 

Granted I have a ton of quilts and she can love on them all as she grows, but she needs one for her. I'm thinking large crib/small lap for now and maybe a twin when she's ready for a "big girl" bed. 

What have been your go-to quilt patterns lately? Have any you'd recommend? Now I know I design quilts, but there's nothing wrong with making a different designer's pattern now and then too! 


Here I am!

After we last spoke, things got a little hectic here. Yep, even more hectic than before.

First and foremost though, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the emails and comments wishing Ben and I luck as new parents! Your words have been so kind and they mean a lot to the both of us as we prepare to transition into these new roles.

I'll spare you most of the craziness around here, but basically Paco (the kitty dog) is getting older and with getting older, that means more complications. He's now 16. His eyesight has been slowly getting worse, his hearing is sparse at best (or maybe it's just selective) and he just looks like an older dog to me.

Well, he got diagnosed with glaucoma right after I last blogged and then he had an infection. So little dog plus four medications later and he's finally stabilized and is back to "normal". We're finally down to only two medicines, both eye drops that he's not fond of and is getting wise to our ways which makes giving his drops quite interesting.

Add in to that I was thinking once I hit the second trimester I was feeling much better and getting my energy back, but then lil munchkin had different plans and for a week I was back to square one... It's all better now and I'm learning my limits and getting a little bit more energy each day, most of which I've spent catching up on long arm quilting.

So all in all, I have been quilting up a storm which has been great! But usually once I get home, give Paco medicines and do our daily activities, then I sit down and I am done. No energy left to write on the blog and come up with something witty to say. Plus, preggo brain is a real struggle and I'm afraid some days I may write something that when I read it later on will read as gibberish at best. Probably like how this reads today.



I don't think I've ever left this blog unattended for over a month before! I just wanted to pop in today and give you the God's honest truth about what's been going on.

First off, the first trimester of my pregnancy officially kicked my butt and I'm happy to say I just entered the second trimester and things are looking up. I still have my moments where I need to relax and take breaks more than I'd like, but I'm learning early on that my body and my needs are no longer my own. Thank you all for the kind words, well wishes and emails checking in on baby and I, they are much appreciated and we are doing well. The only constant lately that has been hampering my progress is signs of early pinched nerves that make parts of my legs go numb if I stand or walk too long without a break, so I'm taking a lot of resting breaks these days.

If pregnancy wasn't a whirlwind enough, we unexpectedly lost my Father-In-Law a couple weeks ago. His health wasn't great but it wasn't that bad either so his passing was a shock. The day we got the call was a definite circle of life experience as Ben and I spent the afternoon starting our baby registry and looking forward to the future... As much as we miss him so, Ben and I are taking solace in the fact that our lil munchkin now has a guardian angel looking over him/her.
This is one of my favorite pictures I took of my Father-In-Law riding his horse, Maverick. The family keeps joking that Tom (my FIL) will more than likely be the little angel and devil on our child's shoulders as they grow up. The angel side for when he's actually being a guardian angel and the devil side for when he says into their little ear, "Hey, do this... It'll really freak out your mom!"

So, between resting, trying to stay calm and making funeral arrangements as well as carrying out Tom's final wishes, I've been a little busy on the family front these past weeks.

Then just when things started to slow down and I wanted to get back to work my machine started acting up and has been in the shop waiting on parts... Needless to say I haven't gotten much accomplished lately that I can show for, but I plan on quilting like a mad woman here (hopefully starting later today) as much as lil munchkin allows.

I do have a ton of quilts to share pictures of from the past few months and as my energy returns I will be posting all that I can! Thank you all for being patient with me and understanding my family needs and personal limitations. I need to get back into my quilting mojo and get hopping on this nursery for lil munchkin! So much to do and not enough energy for it all these days!!!


New title...

I just wanted to pop in and tell you all a little about what's been going on behind the scenes here. I feel like I've completely fallen off the blogging bandwagon and I'm truly sorry, but I have an excuse and it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 

I get to add a new title to my resume. So far I have quilter, pattern designer, author, long arm quilter and fabric hoarder if I'm being completely honest. Well, adding to this list will also be mom <3

This little one has been wreaking havoc on my system these last few weeks which has left me feeling less than stellar most days. I've been using what little energy I have left to eat and take care of my clients needs, maybe clean and shower somewhere in there... But most days my couch and I (with our friends ginger ale and crackers) have been spending a lot of quality time together. 

I'm hoping in a few more weeks I will be feeling a little more "back to normal" and quilting like a mad woman. Luckily I've scheduled myself a little more open for the time being, but here's my plea to you:

Please plan ahead for Christmas quilts and show quilts you're looking for in the near future because I'm not entirely sure how long I'll be able to reach the machine efficiently and I'm not going to schedule myself into oblivion during the holidays this year. Sorry, but I've got my health and this little growing baby to look out for! 

My hope is to be quilting until late January or so (best case scenario) and be back to quilting in the Spring. As much as I'd love to give a more concrete plan, being a first-time mom, I don't want to spread myself too thin. I can still take early reservations for quilting slots, but I won't be able to guarantee turn around for next year at this time. 

So please, if you're thinking about getting some quilting done later this year, I would appreciate an early word so I can make sure you're on the schedule. We can work out timing (don't feel you need the quilt done just yet) so you and I both know when roughly I will be working on your quilts. I'm already booking through most of September and as I said, I'm planning on keeping the schedule a bit lighter than usual so baby and I can rest. 

I'm so excited for this new adventure and I can't wait until March! Okay, maybe I can, but I can't. You know what I mean! 

So that's the big secret! I haven't been avoiding you on purpose, I promise! 


Scrap Quilt Challenge

Today I have some exciting information for you about a Scrap Quilt Challenge you can join and use up some of those scraps in your stash! This is an exciting group of creative ladies that you can find by visiting the main Challenge page here:  http://www.fabricsnquilts.com/scrapquiltchallenge/ or you can read more about the challenge on their blog here: http://fabricsnquilts.blogspot.com/2015/07/join-us-for-scrap-quilt-challenge-5.html.

Basically all you have to do is create a scrappy quilt within the last year and post the picture to a Flickr group by October 15th! You can see the Flickr group here:  www.flickr.com/groups/scrap-quilt-challenge-5/ and don't forget to use hashtag #SQC5 when posting to Instagram (if you'd like to show off your scrappy creation there too!)

Now, there are minimum requirements and some teeny tiny rules to follow, but I know you all can handle those. Please find them at the links above for the main Challenge information. Oh, and did I mention there were prizes to win?

So, without further ado, my job today is to give you all a scrappy fun block that you could make and turn into a quilt you could enter into this challenge. Now, I didn't get a chance to sew mine up, I sprained my ankle earlier this week and it's my "driving" foot so I'm trying to give it a rest, but I can share with you how to make this none the less.

Plus, I have a great idea to make a bunch of baby quilts using this block and it gives me time to figure out what colors and themes to plan for!
 I came up with this fun scrappy plus type block that finishes at 10" (honestly it's bigger than I usually like to work with, but to get the most scrappy pieces I could, this was the right size)
 So basically, the block is a fun plus in the middle that you'd want to make bold and exciting. Then use a more subtle but coordinating print to frame the plus in the block and surround it all with scrappy HSTs. I would keep the HSTs more subtle too, but there's room to play and be creative!

First you're going to make the 8 HST units. Use whatever technique you'd like (there are several) but if you need a tutorial on how I like to make them, you can view that here. Use the 4 background 3.5" squares and the 4 HST 3.5" squares you picked out. Each HST unit should measure 2.5" when complete.
 Now we're going to construct this block in sections. First take the HSTs and some 2.5" background squares to make the corner sections. Press the seam allowances as shown.
 To make the plus, create two ends and the center as shown above. Remember to use all the same coordinating fabrics in these pieces.

Also, follow the pressing instructions I provided and you should have an easy time constructing this block. All of the seams should "nest" well together.
 Construct the block using the sections laid out as shown. Play close attention to the direction of the corner sections as you lay out the block.

And there you have it, a block that should measure 10.5" once constructed (10" finished).

I came up with a few different layouts for this block and they each create a different secondary pattern. The first layout is just the blocks sewn to each other.
 Next I added in some sashing but to keep the scrappy look a little more toned down, I used the same 2.5" cornerstone each time. For this sashing you would need to cut 2.5" x 10.5" strips.
 And to change it up just a bit more (if you're a super scrappy enthusiast) you can make each of the cornerstones a different 2.5" square and it would give the quilt a whole different look.
With the sashing, rather than a secondary diamond, you create a shoo-fly instead. There's no right or wrong with this block, but almost too many options to pick from.

I just can't get enough of the plus blocks around at the moment and I thought this would be a really neat scrappy version to make.

Well, that's my little tutorial, I hope you like the block and I hope you get to participate in the Scrap Quilt Challenge. You're probably making scrappy quilts already and taking pictures, so why not upload a picture, share what you've done and possibly win some prizes while you're at it? And if you just need that swift kick in the rear to get inspired and bust into your stash, the inspiration you'll find on the Flickr page may just be the ticket to get you going!

Thanks for dropping by and have fun quilting scrappy!


A mulligan kind of a week

If you've been stopping by looking for the post on how I'm going to quilt my Charleston Disappearing Four Patch... Yeah, it doesn't exist yet. 

This week has been full of family emergencies and a sprained ankle on my behalf that has slowed me down quite a bit... Add to the mix the machine suddenly needing to be timed and it's just been too much. 

So as I type this I have my ankle propped up and it's getting iced... That's basically been my week with a little quilting in here or there until the swelling gets too bad and I have to rest. 

Sorry there haven't been many posts, but that is why! I hope to get back up and running (literally) soon! 



Have you all enjoyed the Charleston by REVIVE Blog Tour? You still have time to visit all of the blogs and enter to win some prizes (see my previous post). 

But I'm here today to announce the winner of 1 yard of the winner's choice of a Charleston fabric... The winner is:

Congrats!!! There is an email in your inbox, please let me know which fabric you ultimately decide on and it'll get sent your way soon! 

Thank you to everyone that participated in the blog tour and I can't wait to see your quilts from this tutorial! Have a great weekend! 

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