Machine Quilting: Blue Baskets

Here is another quilt for Bobette's room that she was redoing. If my memory serves me correct, this was going to be a wall hanging on a very large wall she wanted to fill. Keeping that in mind made me alter the quilting plan a bit, but it all worked out in the end.
 The reason I altered the quilting plan knowing this quilt was going to hang on a wall rather than be used on a bed or the back of a couch, it will have gravity fighting against it! I usually quilt wall hangings a bit on the denser side so you don't have puffy open areas that want to sag after awhile. Wall hangings just need a little extra support, like a bra - just in quilting form.
 These basket blocks were fun and the layout created this secondary pattern that I saw and took advantage of.
 These squished hexagon/jelly bean shaped areas with the straight line quilting were apparent to me as I was planning the quilting and I wanted to use them in the design. Rather than just a square basket block with sashing around it, this design blends two blocks together and keeps things a bit more interesting.
 You can see those jelly bean shapes better here. With a combination of lines and ribbon candy for the background, it really helped to make the baskets pop even more.
 I love this quilt. I know I say that about a lot of quilts, but I really do love them all. The blues in this quilt were a soft dusty aqua-y blue... So pretty without being boyish.
 I love quilting feathers in borders and turning the corners is my favorite. There was no other design that could finish off this quilt just like these feathers. Plus it tied in with the feathers on the quilt from yesterday - I think there were 5 different quilts in 4 different patterns that were all out of similar fabrics to all go in the same room. I tried to keep the quilts unique to their own pattern, but keep the designs similar enough so they all looked like a collection.
 This quilt almost looks harsh to me in photos, the actual quilt was very soft and cozy looking.
 Again, this is another quilt that the back looks just as good as the front (as it should!).
 I love how you can see all of the designs and know exactly what you're looking at without the need for the pieces on the front of the quilt.
So so pretty! I had as much fun planning the designs as I did quilting them out. There's still more quilts from this little collection to show, so come back next week for more!


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