Machine Quilting - Sunflower Stars

Here is another one of those wonky stars by Bobette! You can see the other versions she's made (there have been several) here, here, and here. I swear there's more but these are the only posts I'm finding now. Maybe it's because I have yet to share them :)
 This quilt is so simple and yet so complex. We wanted to focus on the stars or "sunflowers" so we chose this radiating outline to fill the stars. It gives it a flowery feel yet doesn't.
 Then for the background we kept it simple and did horizontal and vertical lines in alternate quadrants. There's a small outline separating the star quilting and the background.
 This quilt was so much prettier in person, but these pictures are still pretty.
Here's a better shot of one of the stars. I love wonky quilts like this one because for a trained graphic designer like myself that is regimented and everything has to be just so, this quilt forces you to "go-with-the-flow". It's actually refreshing to let go and make the rules as you go.

If you couldn't tell by the amount of these quilts we've worked on, Bobette loves to make them and I love to quilt them!


  1. Gorgeous quilt and the quilting is amazing. Great job Rebecca! Just beautiful


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