Machine Quilting: Lemoyne Stars

Kathy brought me this beautiful star quilt she made. It featured gorgeous hand dyed fabrics and the colors were spectacular!
 She paper pieced these lemoyne stars and it was probably a good thing, the dyed fabric was a looser weave and had a bit of give to it. Trying to piece this design with a looser weave could turn wonky quickly.

Kathy asked for the stars to be highlighted with a simple design and then we tried to add texture and combine the block background with the edges of the sashing to highlight the darker purple fabric and blend the pieces together.
 Along the edges of the quilt I added in a bit of ribbon candy to be similar yet different enough to frame the quilt as a whole.

The challenge I had to overcome as a quilter was figuring out how to quilt these stars. Each piece is a little more thin and narrow than most lemoyne stars. It posed a design challenge for me because the diamonds are not equal and a normal diamond pattern may look off or wonky.
Instead I focused on the center of the star and bounced from each outer corner to the opposite inner corner of the star (I hope that makes sense) and then filled each star point with lines to finish the star. To me this almost has a gem-cut feel to it and it worked well to make this design feel more modern to blend with the fabrics.

Thank you, Kathy!!! This quilt is so rich and luscious and I hope you enjoy it for a long time!

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Have a great weekend! I'm heading out to do a little quilting and I just may start another project or two this weekend! Hope you get some time to sew and create too!

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  1. Great choices on the quilting. Sometimes the simpler choices are the right ones! This quilt just looks like spring to me - love it!


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