Machine Quilting: Blue Wonky Stars

Now this is the exact same quilt as in this post, just a change in the placement of colors. In these quilts (there were actually two of them made the same), the blue fabrics were planned in their placement rather than the scrappier alternate in the other quilt.
 Bobette made all of these quilts out of the same fabrics, all for a room she was redoing in her house. If I remember correctly one was for a couch, one on the wall, one on a table and these two today were to go on the beds for when her granddaughters came to stay. All different quilts, all the same fabrics but I had to keep all of the quilting similar yet unique to each quilt.
 I got off a little easy with these two since they were the same I just had to repeat myself on this pattern. I actually quilted it a little similar to the other quilt with the same feathers and swirls, just no dahlias in this version.
 I love how you can see the quilting in the white "flowers".
 A simple outline and swirls fill each of the stars.
 I LOVE this quilt too. Like many of them. I could quilt these forever and keep them all. I actually have a quilt drawn up and some fabrics cut to make a crazier version of this quilt. I just need a blizzard and a busy baby to get working on it maybe this winter. Or a babysitter or three...
 I love the feathers. I love the stars. I love the fabrics.
 I mean really, what's not to love?
And again on the back you can see all of the quilting really well.

So you saw the quilt for the couch, the quilt for the wall and these were for the beds. Next up is the little gem for the table. Come back tomorrow to see the little bonus quilt!

Oh and before I forget because I already got a couple more emails asking about the pattern for this quilt... I honestly can't remember the name of the quilt, but you can find the pattern in the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe. It's a great book and you can find it here. Totally worth the cost if you make this pattern as many times as Bobette has!

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