Seems Like Scrappy: Baskets Redone

I hope I'm not the only quilter that plays favorites. I try not to, but it happens all too often. Usually my favorite quilt is the one I'm working on or one I just completed, but I really really like this one. I like it enough I may actually hang it in my quilting studio (I like it that much - I don't have anything besides minis hanging at my house).
 This quilt may change all that. Meet Baskets part two, or the alternate, or the other one... This version isn't too much different than the original (see the original post here), but I love the colors. The blues are more of a shale color scheme with hints of grey and green and the background fabrics are a bit richer.
 It actually looked perfect hanging on my fence (or my neighbor's fence) in all of it's rotting and mildewy state.
 I quilted this one much differently than the original. I focused on breaking the quilt into on-point blocks using the chain as my guide. Then I quilted a feathered wreath in each block.
 I filled the rest of the space with alternating matchstick lines and a fun star where the baskets  meet. The four full wreaths were quilted with a 1/2" crosshatch while the half wreaths at the edge of the quilt have a 1/4" crosshatch in their centers.
 I just can't get enough of this quilt. Plus while I was taking these pictures, the sun was starting to set through the trees and it was casting the most amazing glow on the quilting...
 It's just magical.
I planned on making this quilt with low volume prints for the background and a wild range of bright fabrics for the baskets. Something along the lines of Anna Maria Horner or Amy Butler style prints. But then I was digging through my stash and came across these fabrics I had been collecting for another project. I collected waaayyy more fabrics than I would need, so I used some for this quilt and I'm so glad I did!

Do you have a preference? Which version do you like better, the original red or this slatey blue?

I also just got to thinking this would look magical with a dark background and really warm rich golds and rusts and it would be a wonderful fall quilt. What colors will you choose to make yours? I can't wait to see!


  1. It's a tie - both are beautiful and I hope to do it when I finally get your new book, right now I have picked the scraps for Coinage in greens of course (my favorite color), but the stacks of browns or blues could also be in the line up - what a way to get rid of the scraps - I love you.

  2. Love the blue, and the mix of background fabrics is inspired - nice balance. But I'm with you on trying it in fall colors. It would be stunning, with the added benefit of probably being able to make it entirely from my stash :). Love your quilting - the combination of patterns really makes the quilt sing. Beautiful!


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