Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Baby Cakes

Well folks. We've done it. This is the last quilt to preview from Seems Like Scrappy just in time for it's release next week! Today I'd like to share Baby Cakes with you.
Photo provided by Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved. 

So many of the quilts from Seems Like Scrappy are fun fast and easy. This one is probably the fastest and easiest quilt in the whole lot!

I was inspired by all of the love my Coinage pattern from Seamingly Scrappy received, so I wanted to do a remake of sorts. This time around I still used the same basic construction, but I started with a layer cake and that's all you need to create this quilt top.

The piecing is organized yet impromptu so it's very forgiving and mindless which works great for a fast quilt project. Baby Cakes finishes at a large crib or small throw size, but as I've said before with other quilts, you can easily make this a bit larger with some borders.

I know I still owe you all a post with the alternate Baskets quilt, and I hope to take pictures of that one today (if I can find it in my Market luggage, I still haven't unpacked my quilts). I also have an alternate version of Baby Cakes I will be sharing too in the near future. I like to show you all options, plus I like to make quilts again in a new style to see how different two ideas from the same pattern can be. My yard finally isn't a jungle, but after we cut it , it looked all clumpy and nasty... Then I noticed all of the overgrown brush along the fence where I take pictures, so another trim of the yard and a bunch of trimmed branches and wild grape vines and it looks much better. I on the other hand am still a bit sore, but I will try to get photos today before all of this rain hits this week.

I hope you all had a great weekend (hence the reason for the delayed post, I attempted to take yesterday off for the holiday and failed miserably) and I hope you enjoyed seeing all 14 quilts from Seems Like Scrappy! I had to double check this morning to see if I missed any because there are so many quilts.

As I mentioned, I still have alternate versions to share and I'm still working on a few more, so once I get those done I will share them here too. To see a recap of all of the quilts, you can search the blog for Seems Like Scrappy (best way if looking on the mobile site), you can click on the Seems Like Scrappy link to the right (if looking at the desktop version of the site) or you can click through this link here and it should list the posts for you.

Thanks again and don't forget to check your LQS in the next couple weeks or your mailbox if you've preordered the book! Books will begin to ship next week, but you can still preorder a signed copy in my shop for 25% off from now until the moment that the books arrive on my doorstep. I will get them shipped out right after!

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