Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Baskets

I'm home from Market and I have to tell you - have you heard about the #quiltmarkethangover? It's real. We got home late Sunday night and by the time we got in the door and collected our puppies and they settled down, it was super late (for me at least).

Then yesterday unpacking bags and doing laundry and getting into the swing of "normal life" again was just crazy. It doesn't help that Spring Market always falls in the middle of allergy season, but I did what I could yesterday and today I'm attempting to hit the ground running. After sleeping in a bit of course ;)
Today I want to introduce you to Baskets. I know it's not a super original name, but after coming up with the quilts and making them and quilting and binding and writing the patterns and doing the illustrations - my creativity was spent... But I think I spent my creativity on the right areas.

I actually have a second version of this quilt that I will be sharing later this week when I can get photos. Right now the yard is awful with high grass and we really need to get at that first. Poor Paco looks like he's out on a jungle safari each time he goes out. We cut it right before we let for Market, but it's been the perfect combination of warm and wet here and it grew like mad. So, look for the alternate version of this quilt later this week.

Baskets is made with a combination of fat eighths and fat quarters. It doesn't take much fabric at all and it's pretty fast to cut out and piece. You may already have the fabrics needed for this sitting and waiting for you to get started. Otherwise, this would be a great class and really fun to kit (for you quilt shops out there).

Even though this pattern looks quite traditional in this colorway, I originally thought about making an alternative in a super modern scheme with a mixture of low volume prints for the background and crazy bold fabrics for the baskets. Think about it with a Jen Kingwell inspiration if you would... My alternate version turned out fairly traditional as well. I stumbled upon the perfect fabrics I had stashed for another quilt that I forgot about and I wanted to try this pattern again, so I did.

This quilt was well received (as well as the alternate) at my Schoolhouse at Market and I can't wait to see your version of it too.

Baskets is a decent lap size quilt, or it could be a large wall hanging depending on your space, but it can always grow to the size you're looking for with borders too. Just keep that in mind. I think these quilts might be the perfect back-of-the-couch size for that little added quilty decoration without putting holes in your walls or climbing on ladders.

Once again, this quilt and several others are found in my new book, Seems Like Scrappy, that will be released in just a couple weeks - June 2nd! Look for this book shortly afterwards at your LQS or you can preorder your own signed copy from my online shop. Enjoy your preorder from my shop at a 25% discount, good until the books show up on my doorstep!

Look for more quilt previews from the book here each Monday and I will be doing a special post for the alternate Baskets quilt later this week. Also, check back here often over the next month or so, it's a super exciting time here at the studio and I have so much to tell you!!! Have a great day!

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