Machine Quilting: Another Hunter Star!

So Miss Sandi teaches the Rapid Fire Hunter Star classes at Cottonpicker's Quilt Shop. You've seen several of the shop samples on here already, but Sandi let me quilt her sample.
 Sandi chose all batiks in this wonderful color combination I probably would have never come up with on my own. It almost glows when you see it in person.
 She wanted something simple and allover so I used a semi new to me technique for all over leaves. This is actually the same basic design as I used here, but if the "leaves" are a bit thinner and long it looks much more feminine.
The quilting really shows up more on the back of the quilt.

Thanks again Sandi! And if you're in the Northeast Ohio area and are interested in signing up for this class, take a look at the Class List at Cottonpicker's. Sandi also has been teaching a wonderful Crazy Quilt Class and I think she has other things in mind for the future!

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