Machine Quilting: Manly Quilt

Nancy made this awesome quilt and told me it's a present for a guy so she wanted the quilting to be "manly". No flowers or frilly stuff. Well, it got my brain going and I had to ponder a "manly" design.
 I tried to pull inspiration from the colors and fabrics she chose, but it took a while to find the "it" design. I happen to have a copy of Miss Angela Walters book and in there she had and allover leaf pattern that looked perfect for this quilt.
 I made my "leaves" a bit more tribal in style and It really worked well for this quilt.
 Nancy outlined each of the appliques with a satin stitch, but she used a variegated thread which gave the striped outline you see here. Isn't that cool?!
She chose to put the brown Fireside from Moda on the back which really shows off the detail of the quilting.

Thanks again Nancy and I hope the man that gets this likes it as much as I do!


  1. So the outline on the leaves is just a satin stitch? Is it the same veregated thread for all or did you change the colors? I've been looking for a pattern for a quilt for my 28 y/o son and this might be it. I need a quilt pattern I can stretch to 9 feet since he's 6'8" and complains he doesn't have anything to tuck under his feet yet pull up to his chin. Poor thing! I love the Fireside. I'm going to ask my local shop if they have that and see how it works with the fabric I've already purchased.


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