Back to Reality!

Ben and I escaped last week and went on a cruise with some of our friends to the Eastern Caribbean. I'll post tons of pictures while I'm getting back into the groove of things here, but I couldn't wait to share this.

This is a video I took in St. Maarten at Maho Beach. It's an absolutely wonderful beach that just happens to have the runway for the International Airport literally on the other side of the road from the beach. So, if you're on the beach, a plane could take off about 30 feet from where you're standing...

This was my favorite place of all the spots we toured, and this pilot had a sense of humor. There's danger signs everywhere for flying debris and such... Most pilots rev the engine of the plane for a few seconds at the end of the runway and then you are airborne, right? Not this one. He warned the people standing on the beach, and then had his own fun at their expense. Watch all of the people on the far end of the beach:


  1. what a beautiful beach, I wouldn't like the noise but I guess on an island only so many places you can put an airport!


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