Happy Easter!!!

Cheese and Sausage Strata made - Check!

Getting Hungry for Easter Brunch (CarbFest part Deux) - Check!

Loving the blooming flowers - Check!

Wishing it won't rain today - Check!

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter! - Check!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, we're spending the morning with family and the plan after that is 1- if it's not raining working more in the garden.... 2 - if it is raining, staying inside and getting some quilting done!!!

Have a wonderful day and I will announce the winner of the contest tomorrow morning... (the Easter Bunny convinced me to be nice, so if you haven't submitted yet, you can still enter through today!) The winner will be posted tomorrow!!!! Have a great day!!!

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  1. Sarah and I went to see Hop last night, so I fully expect to see that bunny come to life:)Love that quilt so much. Just perfect for a spring background. Hope your Easter was hoppy!!


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