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This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!!!

I have a couple dear friends getting married next year and I would like to make them quilts. Luckily I have plenty of time to make and quilt these pieces before the weddings bells ring, however I'm stuck before I start.

I'm having the hardest time trying to find a "wedding" pattern that isn't a double wedding ring. Or some other seriously complicated hand pieced design.

I know I am a pattern designer and I could probably come up with something, but I was kinda wanting to go the traditional route with a block that could "possess" the story and good will for a newly wed couple.
So here comes the fun part, why don't we have a little contest. Post a comment below with your ideal "wedding quilt" and what colors you would do it out of. If you would like to elaborate on why you would choose those, go ahead and chat your heart out!!!

I'm always looking for some inspiration and since I'm so near and dear to these friends I think that's why I'm just flat out stuck...I want it to be perfect and something that they will be able to treasure throughout their long married lives.

I don't have an exact idea yet on what the prize will be... most likely some precuts and some other goodies, but I will get back to you on that one. How about we close this contest at midnight (EST) April 23rd, the day before Easter...

I can't wait to read what you all would choose to do or have done in the past. I'll go shopping tomorrow and let you know about what goodies you could win and what else I've been up to this week...Until next time!!!


  1. I always give them a coupon for a quilt...after they get married. Then I use their wedding photos and their wedding colors to make a photo quilt.

  2. Years ago, I made some of my sisters wedding gift quilts. First I sent them pictures of quilt designs and they chose which they liked best, then I asked them what color scheme they wanted. Then I went from there. They got a quilt design they liked in a color scheme they chose, and I didn't have to fret about whether or not they would like what I made.

    But I always think a surprise is nice too!


  3. I just made a "family tree" quilt for my husband, for our 10 year anniversary. I think that's a cool gift for the newly weds. I used the pattern from QuiltDad that's in the FatQuarterly...I think. It was easy to put together. I even used embroidery floss to "carve" our initials and wedding date into the tree, with a heart around it. He loved it.

  4. For some reason, it's not a very good picture, but this is what it looks like

  5. How about asking them what color they would like, whether it be the color of the bridesmaid dresses or something that will match their home decor. I did the garden twist for a wedding gift and it reminded me of the wedding quilt. Made matching pillowcases and put it in a basket. The possibilities are endless. Just keep thinking, you are the master of quilt designs.

  6. Why not do a 'tag' quilt? If they know you plan to make the quilt, ask them for a list of family/friends who are going to the wedding. Send out a note to these guests, asking them each to write their name (maybe family could do a small message too). Handstitch these into a block. This makes it a very personalised quilt - with all of their favourite people included. I have done this for my best friend, and we hung it at the reception for everyone to see!! I had lots of emails from guests asking about the progress - and the bride & groom didn't see it til they arrived at the reception. Good thing too - cos with all the tears, her makeup needed re-touching!! xxx

  7. A siggy quilt of any kind is always a wonderful idea--whether done beforehand in embroidery or done at the reception in pigma pen. Another favorite of mine--if your friends have a sense of humor--is the "Contrary Wife/Ornery Husband" block. It's not that hard, and you can make it in wedding colors or in colors of their birthstones if they're at all complimentary.

    Food for thought if nothing else--this was fun!


  8. The next time I make a wedding quilt it is going to be Denyse Schmidt's "Single Girl" quilt. I love how it's a contemporary twist on a traditional pattern. It looks impressive but really isn't that hard and if you want to make it very special she provides a great hand-quilting design in the pattern. I also think that it would look good in pretty much any fabric, making is easy to tailor to the recipients' tastes.

  9. A quilt using the wedding colors would be nice. Or visit with the bride as to colors used in decorating her house....especially the bedrooms if it is going to be a quilt used for a bed. I'm sure anything you made would be a special gift.

  10. uhoh!!! left a post on your Blog.........but not "over here"!!! YIKES!! Glad I rechecked myself! WHEW!!! :)

    Think folk's picture a "Wedding Ring" quilt as "Wedding"............but I'd choose somethin' 'specially for the couple & their tastes....like colors & pattern. Making a Pinwheel, for a soon to be married daughter............and her fave color is Purple...so lots of Purples goin' into it! LOl

    Thank so much for chance to win!!!

    Hugs! :)

  11. I have the same problem. I did make a Wedding Ring quilt for my son and his new bride (used the colors that the bride was using in the wedding) and I plan to never make that pattern again. My other son and his new bride picked 4 different patterns and I picked the final pattern. They wanted a scrappy plaid. All fabric came from my stash except the backing. I suggest you try what I did by asking the bride and groom.


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