Busy week

They all seem to be that way anymore, but that's fine with me! I keep telling my Hubbin it keeps me out of trouble. I'm not sure he's buying it, but maybe one of these days he'll believe me.

So I know I disappeared for a little bit over the last week or so. This is what I've been up to:
 I spot this woodpecker in my back yard from time to time. See it in the upper left? It's nice to see birds again and hear them chirping.
 I planted these tomato plants last week and look at them already!!! I can't wait to have my own garden again!
 I've been cutting and cutting and cutting more quilts. And I still have a ton to go so nothing finished to show you right now.
 And I have to take some time to spend with this one...
 And this one... even if it's me checking my e-mails while snuggling on the couch with one or both of them.
And lastly, I got this card from the wonderful Moda Lissa. I thought it was special and wanted to pass it on to show all of you!

So, it's been productive this week but I thought I might have something finished to show you. Not yet, but I'm working on so many things, one of them is gonna get finished soon by golly!

So I'm off to cut out more fabric so wish me luck I get done (or close to it) and draw out some more ideas.

Oh, and I almost forgot!!! For the contest I've decided to give away a Charm Pack, a Perfect for Precuts magazine, and some other little small goodies. Head on over and tell me what your ideal quilt for a wedding gift would be to win the prize!!! Enter until April 23rd (the day before Easter) and I will post the winner on Monday the 25th. Good luck and I'm loving the ideas so far!!!

Until next time!!!


  1. Sorry I don't have any quilt ideas. Love your blog, am always impressed by your creativity!

  2. I love your Blog too!! New here.....but plannin' to be a long-term reader!! :)

    Wow....think everyone thinks of Wedding Ring quilt for a Weddin'........but if I was goin' to make a gift for a wedding, I'd try to gear it to the couple....fabrics & pattern. Have a Daughter soon to be married....working on a Pinwheel for them.....Purple is her fave color, so lots of purples goin' into it! LOL

    Thanks for chance to win!!

    Hugs! :)


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