Hey all, just popping in quick here for a minute.

Life has been insane. We have all been sharing a version of the same cold again and again for the last month or so which has drained my energy more than I care to admit.

I will try to blog more but I can't make any promises. Miss Maura is now walking and growing like crazy and she is my #1 priority. You can find me for quicker updates over on Facebook (Ruby Blue Quilting Studio) or Instagram (@rubybluequilts). That is my easiest way to post since it's a little more short and simple.

However since my time and attention is limited these days I am trying to make it easier for you to help me help you - in lesser words I have posted my quilting schedule on a separate page. If you're looking at this blog from a desktop, the pages are listed at the top just underneath my logo. If you're on a mobile device, a drop down menu is available for you to find the pages. My schedule is on the page titled "My (Quilting) Schedule". It's not perfect, nor exact, but it's a start.

I urge you to please reserve yourself a spot if you are looking for custom quilting as it takes much longer to plan and execute. I can do a much better job if we can work together and plan ahead rather than feeling rushed.

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