Machine Quilting: Scrappy Wedding Stars

I absolutely adore the colors in this quilt. It's just so rich and cozy feeling which will be perfect for the newlyweds receiving this quilt!
 This quilt is so scrappy that it's almost too much to take in at first. I really had to study this quilt to see what was going on. I love the arrangement of the stars and the different scaling as they're placed across the quilt. Since that was a constant I focused on the stars and chose to quilt them different than the rest of the quilt.
 The stars alternated feathers and back & forth lines in the center, but I continued the back & forth lines in the outer points too.
The rest of the quilt was filled with curls, they're one of my new favorite fillers! Knowing this quilt was made as a wedding gift, I try really hard not to make the quilting too girly or too manly. I try to find that happy medium that both people can enjoy.

Thanks, Barb! It was fun to discover your stash while working along this quilt. (That's so fun for me with scrappy quilts, discovering fabrics that I have, fabrics I've never seen before, fabrics I didn't know I needed but now I want...)

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