Machine Quilting: Downton Abbey

Karen is probably by far the biggest Downton fan I know and she has made a ton of quilts using their fabric lines.
 Karen brought me this quilt along with another one she had quilted in the past with a pantograph. Well, I don't do pantographs but she really liked the way the feathers looked and wondered if I could do something similar and this is what I came up with.
 These feathers are loose and fun but they were a challenge for me at the start. When I normally quilt feathers I start at the base and work from the center of the spine out. With these feathers you still work from the base up but from the outside in. It was backwards to the normal way I quilt and took a little getting used to, but I did it.
 Since the feathers are nice and loose they were a perfect match for these wonky stacked strips in the quilt.
And here's how the feathers look on the back of the quilt. I think I need to do these more often! They're a lot of fun and pull me ever so gently out of my comfort zone which is a good thing!

Thank you, Karen! I love your quilts and the way you put colors together! 

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