Machine Quilting: Scrappy Baby

Barb made this adorable baby quilt!
 She wanted to make something soft and cute for baby, but not within the novelty baby genre. This scrappy quilt is the perfect gift!
 To keep the quilt soft yet functional, these fun swirls do the trick. Like the quilt itself, there's nothing that's too anything - it's not too girly or boyish, it's not too bright and not too theme specific. And I think it worked perfectly because I don't think I know what the baby was and I'm not positive the parents knew... I think they were waiting to be surprised.
The size of Barb's quilt was perfect for baby, but not for fabric... A normal width of fabric was just a bit too small for a backing so Barb used some of the same scraps to make this fun pieced strip to grow her backing fabric just enough so it would fit the quilt top. I love me a good pieced back that has as much personality as the front of the quilt!

Thanks, Barb! I loved working on this little quilt for a new little one!

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