Machine Quilting: Simple Patches

Before I get to the quilt, thank you all for your kind words of encouragement with Maura's teething! The poor baby has been teething for 7.5 months (no joke) so we have every type of teething apparatus and one of her favorites is just the ice cube in a mesh pacifier. All of her teeth are shifting just below the surface so you can see each and every one of them, but now that they're finally cutting through it's just that much more painful for her. I think actually her molars are shifting under the surface by the way she's been chewing on top of the teeth that are actually cutting through. I'm hoping in a way now that they've started to pop through, it'll just continue for a bit so she can get it done and over with. We shall see! Onto the quilt:

Rhonda brought me this super simple top and I knew instantly how I wanted to quilt it!
 A simple top calls for simple quilting. Using the pattern as a guide, I quilted orange peels and Xs in alternating blocks. That's it.
 With a design like this I have figured out a way to quilt it in one continuous line design across the quilt doing about a row-and-a-half at a time.
 This was quilted in a nice neutral tan because it works so well with the mixture of fabrics and colors. It's not too dark or too light.
I know this quilt is new and the fabrics are new but I love how it looks like an antique heirloom straight off of the machine. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's magical!

Thank you, Rhonda! I loved working on this quilt!


  1. Did you use a circle ruler or free hand the orange peels? I'm a new long-armed and practicing on charity quilts.


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