Machine Quilting: Bright Bubbles

There's just some quilts that arrive at my doorstep that just make you smile every time you look at them. This is one of those quilts.
 This quilt is bright but soft. It's busy but simple. It's so many things and so much more. Trying to keep the quilting simple was my goal because you really weren't going to be able to see the quilting much anyway and I didn't want the quilting to compete with the fabrics.
 I told Ruth I thought these bubbles would be great. All this design is - it's extra jumbo sized pebbles! Ruth likes a pop of color and I'm usually a bit more subtle so we auditioned different thread colors and this is actually a light lavender that won out. We also tried blue, green and white, but that purple just had a little something to make it special. Blue was too blue (the fabrics are a bit more aqua), green was too green and white was just boring.
Here you can see the blocks and the fabrics a bit better. Again, this quilt is bright and bold, yet soft. It's a conundrum on the eyes but you can't stop looking at it.

Thanks for bringing this fun quilt to me, Ruth! It's always fun to play with your quilts!


  1. Love the quilting choice on this one!! Perfect for a simple, busy quilt. I have found that light pink or pale yellow will disappear within the most diverse fabrics...always surprises me!! I will be adding light lavender to that list now!!


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