Machine Quilting: Karen's Triangles

Karen made this wonderful quilt and I could not wait to get started on it!
 This quilt just begged for some ruler work and I was happy to oblige.
 By choosing just two designs to repeat in the triangles, it keeps the quilting simple but defines the areas both on the front and back of the quilt.
 The thin black border got a little ribbon candy quilting and the outer border was perfect for straight lines. It's taken me a long time to learn that large print borders usually need the simplest quilting like straight lines.
 You can see the outer border a bit better here.
 I love this quilt and love this fabric. I actually loved it so much I ordered a bunch to make Maura a quilt... It's still in fabric form. I have the fabrics, have the pattern, just haven't gotten around to making it just yet... One day!
Here's how the quilting looked on the back of the quilt. Again each area is defined but the quilting all works well together so the quilt looks as good on the back as it does the front - that's the goal!

Thank you Karen and thanks for introducing me to this fabric. Now only if I could have 20 more hours in each day so I can quilt and sew and run and do yoga and cook and clean and play with the baby and and and...

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