Confessions: It Happened Again

This is a little revisit of this previous post. I was quilting along the other day, about to finish another quilt and I sewed my long arm into the quilt... So I took pictures to share here:
 How did this happen? Well, it wasn't a hole to begin with, but a very teeny tiny seam allowance was trying to hold these fabrics together. Literally it was hanging on by a thread or two. The added tension of the machine about to move over it was enough for the seam allowance to give and the hopping foot found the new hole and stitched itself right into place.
This is what it looked like when I brought the needle up. There were about 7 or 8 stitches in there holding the machine in place. It took me about 20 minutes to undo because it's so hard to get in where you need to with the machine in the way. Plus, you want to take out only what is needed without doing any further damage. Easier said than done!

So to repeat myself until I'm blue in the face - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not give your quilter a quilt top with a hole in it that you know of and PLEASE use the proper 1/4" seam allowances to avoid situations like above.

Sorry for the delayed post this week - Maura is pulling herself up on everything and starting the "Look Ma, one hand" with that look in her eye she wants to try no hands... That and the Hubby had to go into work extra early (like 3am early) which means a broken night of sleep for everyone and no time for Momma to blog. I try and write the blogs early in spare time here or there but earlier this week was some crazy time in the kitchen - My S-I-L asked my Hubby if we wanted a few tomatoes - she sent home a couple dozen so an impromptu day of simmering tomato sauce was in order. Then I asked Hubby to grab some apple seconds to make applesauce... He came home with a 1/2 bushel and two full crock pots later and two apple pie fillings in the freezer, I am finally through all of the apples! I was beginning to think he bought the Mary Poppins bag of apples and they were multiplying when I wasn't looking!

If you want to know my applesauce recipe, you can find it here.

Anywho, that's what we have been up to here. I hope you're enjoying all of the quilting pictures, I still have a lot of catching up to do! Gotta go feed the munchkin breakfast. Apples it is! Lol

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