Machine Quilting: Blue Mystery

Anne made this quilt at a retreat as a mystery quilt... I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!
 She wanted to play it safe so she found the floral print to use as her focal and used her favorite Fairy Frosts for to coordinate the other colors. With only one print fabric it was much easier to ensure a pretty quilt instead of a hot mess. Mystery quilts can be hard to plan for because, well, it's a mystery!
 We chose to highlight the floral blocks and use a circular design to fill the background.
 The circles continued in the outer border because the print is just so busy unless the lighting is just right, you can't see the quilting much anyway. Simple back and forth lines were echoed in the smaller border (you can see them around the floral blocks too).
 The backing looked so pretty in person. The Fairy Frost fabrics have this sometimes subtle (depending on the color scheme) metallic. With the backing fabrics (there were two colors here, they're very close - darker on the left and lighter on the right) it had this shimmer that made the quilting pop even more.
This quilt was a little challenging to think of what quilting designs to use where when the prints are so busy you may not see the quilting details. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and not put all of the intricate details where you won't see them anyway. Plus depending on the fabrics sometimes it's even hard to see when quilting. You don't know where you are, where you've been or where you need to go!

Thanks, Anne!

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  1. Am in love with this quilt - anything in blue & white - Love!! The quilting is equally fabulous!


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