Machine Quilting: American Jane

There's something so classy and so timeless with a simple quilt pattern like this one.
 Denise made this quilt for her bed and told me to have fun with the quilting. This is the perfect simple canvas to go a little crazy with the quilting. It needed something more than just a plain all over design.
 Orange peels and large crosshatching seemed to be the perfect fit for the center of the quilt.
 And then there were a few borders to play with too.
 All of the elements had to work together, but they each needed to show off the personality of the area they were filling.
 I loved working on this quilt. It actually went much faster than I thought it was going to.
 I usually save the borders to the end so I can quilt them all at once rather than a bunch of little chunks and I couldn't wait to quilt them up. The double bubbles played off of the fabrics and helped separate the feathers and the geometric design.
 It's so colorful and pretty!
 I could stare at this quilt all day long.
 I love how the quilting looks on the back!
Here you can see all of the borders and different designs in the quilt. So much fun!

Thanks, Denise! I had a blast working on this quilt for you!

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