Machine Quilting: Green Vintage Quilt

Well, this quilt isn't vintage. But it is green. Bobette brought this to me and she loved the pattern, loved the fabrics, but once it was all together the light cream looked very yellow to her and she wasn't loving that part. She asked me to work my magic to make it look less yellow if I could.
 I had to come up with something special for those large open blocks and some curves and feathers did the trick.
 I matched the curves in the pieced blocks with some simple line dancing to fill the areas. It needed to work well with the other design, yet fit this space well too.
 The open blocks also created a secondary design I wasn't planning on. I honestly didn't even notice it until I was about half way through the quilting. If you look closely, the curved lines create a circle design around the pieced blocks.
 You can see it better here. It was a complete and happy accident.
 Add in a few more feathers for the outer border and this quilt was complete. It was amazing how even my Hubby saw it while I was working on it and thought it looked like a vintage top I was finishing off.
 It wasn't the intended end result, but it definitely made the yellow-y-ness diminish and fit the quilt. Depending on the lighting that background fabric could look really yellow at times.
I actually have a tutorial for you all on how I quilted the open blocks with only one start and stop. I figured out a way to quilt this design working smarter, not harder and I'd love to share it with you. Check back later this week for the step by step instructions to try it out yourself if given the chance!

Thanks, Bobette! I think we both can say mission accomplished!


  1. Love open blocks for quilting and yours are beautiful. Rather simple blocks made a gorgeous with your quilting.

  2. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting! Love it!


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