Machine Quilting: Christmas Runners

Carlynn had a few more runners in that box of goodies she brought me and these were so fun to quilt!
 These are the same pattern as the runners in this post, but I believe these were thinner and longer than the others.
 I quilted these both the same and just decided to have fun with it. The pebbles reminded me of either garland or Christmas lights, and the rest was just fillers to enhance the different areas.
 On a project like this it's all about picking your battles. Why put a ton of detail in the busier fabrics where the quilting won't show anyway? That is why the pebbles are in the lighter fabric so they can be seen. The rest of the quilting is pretty, but functionality was the main concern there. The quilting had to fill the areas well and tack it down.
I don't often get to quilt two items the same, but runners are great just for that. Or to play and make them all different. I guess it depends on what my client is looking for and what kind of mood I am in. These were so fun I didn't mind repeating myself.

As always, Carlynn, it was a pleasure!

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