Machine Quilting: Bright and Orange

Karen definitely isn't afraid of color and I LOVE IT!!!
 The quilt isn't truly this bright, but it's close. It was so bright that my camera had a hard time exposing it correctly and kept over-exposing the pictures. It was very bold and very orange no doubt.
 Here the colors look more like the actual quilt. Karen used I think a layer cake for this pattern and added in the solid orange. With the alternating bands of just the solid orange staring me in the face, I couldn't ignore them. Honestly, it was pretty hard not to notice them, so why not show them off?

I alternated ribbon candy in the orange strips and just filled the rest of the quilt with bubbles.
The ribbon candy works well in either direction and it's similar enough yet different enough to work well with the bubbles but stand up on it's own too. And that is just what this quilt needed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, this quilt would have been perfectly fine with just an all over design, but it was begging for just a little something more. Sometimes it's all about finding that balance of matching the personality of the quilt and the quilter.

Thanks, Karen! It's always a pleasure!

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