Machine Quilting - 9 Patch

I believe this is a Kim Diehl pattern. I'm like 99.8% sure. This is another masterpiece by Bobette (she's a machine I tell ya!).
 I love this quilt. I love the colors. It's just cozy looking. It's very hard to see the quilting in this first picture, I know - but wait, there's more!
 Here it is! Lots of straight lines to accent the nine patch blocks, some lines to separate the ribbon candy quilting in the black "sashing" (I guess we can call it that).
 So so so cozy looking!
 I took this picture of the border for a couple reasons. One of them being for my reference so I could remember how to turn corners using this design... Another one because I'm so happy with how this border turned out.
You can see the quilting so much better on the back of this quilt, but the front is just so pretty too! Honestly this is one of those quilts that could be just as pretty from the front or the back,

I'm honestly having so much fun looking back through all of these quilts and reminiscing! I quilted all of the quilts I've shown you recently last year. I'm still playing catch up and have so many more to share so check back often for more photos!

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  1. Looks great! You have nice light in your studio for capturing the quilting textures.


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