Machine Quilting - Fancy Foxes

Karen and Brenda couldn't get enough of these fun little foxes and I could see why!
 Now, I know in these pictures the quilts are upside down, but if I tried to adjust the photo it would look even weirder than it does now. For this first quilt Brenda just wanted something simple yet modern. I used the foxes as my guide and quilted in these fun chevron lines. It doesn't compete visually with the foxes and lets the fabrics shine through.
 Then Karen made this large version of the pattern but wanted an all over pattern. We chose woodgrain as it fits the fox/woodland theme well.
 You can see the quilting a little better here. The colors were so fun and cheery.
You can really see the quilting on the back. Woodgrain is one of those patterns that every time I do it, it'll look different. The knots may be thinner or rounder, there may be more grain, the scale may be different. It's a very forgiving quilting design that adjusts with the scale of the quilt and my physicality. Depending on how I'm feeling can also alter the look (if I'm sore from custom quilting and rulerwork for example).

I really like the look of this design but please don't ask me to make it look just like this! I'm not sure I could do it!

Thank you Brenda and Karen! It's always a pleasure to work on your quilts, you both have so much fun with color and it shows!!!

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