It's official!!!

We are having a little girl!!!

I'm still processing that little fact. I honestly had absolutely no intuition and didn't think I cared regardless, but now that it's a girl, maybe my heart was 51/49 leaning towards a boy. Alas, we are super excited and I'm starting to plan the nursery and her first quilt!!! 

Granted I have a ton of quilts and she can love on them all as she grows, but she needs one for her. I'm thinking large crib/small lap for now and maybe a twin when she's ready for a "big girl" bed. 

What have been your go-to quilt patterns lately? Have any you'd recommend? Now I know I design quilts, but there's nothing wrong with making a different designer's pattern now and then too! 


  1. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!!!!! Of course, I always wanted girls and I got what I wanted :) Two granddaughters as well before the first grandson arrived! For my grandson who was born this past April, I made him a quilt using the elephant parade quilt pattern, only used the elephants because that's what my step-daughter was decorating in, with cuddle fabric on the back. With the extra cuddle fabric I made a receiving blanket sized blanket that has quickly become a favorite. I like baby quilts with lots of bright colors because I know that those are the colors a baby can see first. If you want the quilt to get lots of loving, make it smaller then you are talking about because that size is just too big to cuddle a baby in. The receiving blanket size is perfect for cuddling, using in a crib or car seat and then becomes the perfect "draggie" blanket that the baby just has to take everywhere with them. Not saying a larger quilt is bad, just hard to cuddle with bigger quilt and a baby. So very excited for you!!!!!

  2. I'm so pleased for you and your husband. I'm also glad to see a post from you. I see a quilt with lots of pink and something to match that adorable pair of booties.

  3. So very excited for you and your husband!!! Enjoy this special time in your lives.


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