Here I am!

After we last spoke, things got a little hectic here. Yep, even more hectic than before.

First and foremost though, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the emails and comments wishing Ben and I luck as new parents! Your words have been so kind and they mean a lot to the both of us as we prepare to transition into these new roles.

I'll spare you most of the craziness around here, but basically Paco (the kitty dog) is getting older and with getting older, that means more complications. He's now 16. His eyesight has been slowly getting worse, his hearing is sparse at best (or maybe it's just selective) and he just looks like an older dog to me.

Well, he got diagnosed with glaucoma right after I last blogged and then he had an infection. So little dog plus four medications later and he's finally stabilized and is back to "normal". We're finally down to only two medicines, both eye drops that he's not fond of and is getting wise to our ways which makes giving his drops quite interesting.

Add in to that I was thinking once I hit the second trimester I was feeling much better and getting my energy back, but then lil munchkin had different plans and for a week I was back to square one... It's all better now and I'm learning my limits and getting a little bit more energy each day, most of which I've spent catching up on long arm quilting.

So all in all, I have been quilting up a storm which has been great! But usually once I get home, give Paco medicines and do our daily activities, then I sit down and I am done. No energy left to write on the blog and come up with something witty to say. Plus, preggo brain is a real struggle and I'm afraid some days I may write something that when I read it later on will read as gibberish at best. Probably like how this reads today.

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  1. Oh, Rebecca, no gibberish at all! I'm so glad that Paco is stable, and crafty, again! He looks like my sweet little girl (she's 5). Enjoy "all" your energy now...this is the easiest (at least for me) trimester and once the baby arrives, you learn to live on very little sleep and if you are lucky, you get 2 showers a week!!! My favorite thing to do when my babies were newborn was to hold them in the rocker while they napped...I got a lovely rest as well!!! Take care of you and just know that we can decipher gibberish!!!


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