It's finally here!!!

I was interviewed a while back by a writer for the Plain Dealer/cleveland.com and it was a great opportunity. She came and we chatted, I showed her a bunch of quilts and she took pictures, it was wonderful. And then the waiting started.

If you follow my Instagram account (@rubybluequilts) you saw how nervous I was once the house was all clean and I was just waiting for the reporter to arrive. Well, the interview went well and then it was just waiting for the article to publish. I was told it would take a couple of weeks, but then I completely neglected the fact that the holidays were quickly approaching and schedules get wonky quick. The photo gallery was posted a while ago, but no story. Well, finally the story was posted this past weekend and I get to share it with you all! It's been super busy here and this is the first chance I've had to sit at my computer and write myself!

You can get to the story by clicking here. Don't forget to scroll through the photo gallery and see my little corner of the world where I sew and make messes that end up turning into beautiful quilts. What you don't see are the suitcases full of quilts and loads of extra fabric piles that got shoved into the other bedroom out of sight and out of mind!

I'm not the greatest housekeeper and I will be the first to admit it, but I really don't keep a super tidy photo-ready sewing room. It's basically controlled chaos and that works just fine for me! I can't even begin to tell you how much fabric wasn't in my sewing room during this interview. And moving it all back has been a subtle reminder that I have severely neglected my sewing machine this year and I need to get back into my sewing mojo (or sewjo). Maybe with a little cooler weather here and some free time before the holidays I can whip up a little project or two. I have baby quilts that need to be made and UFOs in sad sad states of progress (or lack there of). But honestly, what quilter doesn't? Right?

And before you leave me a comment saying you only work on one project at a time and only buy enough for what you need - please just be kind to the rest of us not-so-organized quilters and just don't. Really.

However if you'd like to learn more about my stash organization (that's about the only part of the room that's somewhat tidy) click over to this post here and you can read and see more about how I sort my fabrics and scraps. Granted right now I have a huge laundry basket full of scraps needed to be tended to - but we'll just save that for a blizzard or two this winter...

I think due to the severe neglect this blog has experienced lately it's about due for a total reboot. I'm not making promises because let's face it, I have no idea how much energy I will have each day and when it will hit, but I will make a valiant attempt. Thank you to everyone that has stuck around through this crazy year with me and I hope to have amazing posts full of the wonderful quilts I've been working on this year and tutorials and other helpful information in the future. Baby steps, right? :) hahaha, get it? I'm such a dork.

Talk to you all later! -Rebecca


  1. Congrats on your book and all other new events that will be happening soon!

  2. Congratulations on your new book and the new addition to your family!!! When I started quilting almost 8 years ago, I worked on one quilt at a time and only bought fabric as I needed it for the quilt. Then a couple of quilt shops went out of business and I couldn't resist $2.63/yard fabric...now I could open my own small quilt shop!!! However, I really do try to work on 1 quilt at a time, but I have around 50 tops waiting for me to get them on the longarm and quilt them...but customer quilts always come first! Great peek into your world!!!

  3. Rebecca -- as a free motion, longarm quilter, I want to thank you for such beautiful words. I have been known to underestimate my talents, and your post really touched my heart. Well said!!


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