Machine Quilting: Scrappy 1930's Stars

Ruth brought this massive quilt to me to finish. It's so cheery and wonderful with the variety of fabrics and the pieced sawtooth border, I couldn't wait to get started.
 Ruth wanted an all over simple pattern with a touch of density to it. We chose these swirls to soften the appearance of the quilt and work within the style of the quilt top.
 Normally I tend to quilt the density of the pattern relative to the size of the quilt and it's components. This one however was quilted a bit denser on request. It doesn't look that dense in the picture above, but those stars are much smaller in real life than they appear here. I'd say most of these lines are about an average of 1/2" or so apart.
 This quilt was so large that it almost didn't fit on my machine! I only had a couple inches of space left on either side of the leader bars - my machine is 12' long! We almost had a hard time getting batting large enough for this quilt. Most manufacturers stop somewhere around 122"-130". This quilt was 99" x 128" in the end... That's big.
 I love the texture and had so much fun looking at all of the fabrics as I worked.

 I haven't played much with these fabric as of late, but I think I need to bust into my stash and make something. This quilt just gives off a light summery vibe.
And I'm happy to report that Ruth posted this picture of the quilt in it's home and it fits perfectly! All of that length was needed to hang just right and tuck under the pillows. It already has that crinkly-loved squish to it!

Thank you, Ruth! Your piecing was spectacular and I had so much fun working on this quilt for you!

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