Machine Quilting: Crane Panel

These metallic panels are becoming a weekly norm for me to quilt as of late. The metallics are very subtle on this panel, but the overall appearance is so striking, they were placed just so to highlight certain areas.
 For a good portion of this quilt, I kept the quilting simple and followed the fabric design. For example, in the panel I outlined the cranes and the moon, then followed the swirls at the bottom which only left the "sky" left to fill.
 I also followed the fabric as my guide in the striped border.
 You really can't see the quilting in the swirls, but it's there!
To finish off the rest of the quilt, I filled the borders with contrasting designs that are pair well with the feel of the quilt. The argyle-type quilting broke up the fans from the curvy swirls in the panel and the outer border was filled with pebbles.

Sometimes the best option is to keep it simple. This may look more planned than it really was, but this particular design was one of the most simple custom quilting jobs I could have done. Custom doesn't always have to be super complex and intricate, although I've been doing my fair share of that type of quilting lately too.

Thank you, Nancy! This was so much fun to work on!

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  1. Your talent just blows my mind! This is beautiful!


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