Mini wall

I finally hung the latest mini quilt I received in a swap! It took forever for me to clean a spot just big enough to get the step stool in my sewing room and hang the mini just right, but it looks wonderful! 
The latest mini quilt swap I participated in was the Rainbow Mini Swap and it was soooo much fun. I love color and anything that fades in rainbow order is my cup of tea. I knew this swap was going to be amazing and I had no clue which lovely masterpiece was mine until it showed up at my doorstep. 
This was the wonderful quilt I received. There were many other wonderful gifts in the package including chocolates, a small ruler, cards and a matching pin cushion filled with lavender!!! The pincushion smells divine and it made its way to my other sewing space with the long-arm. There were many other wonderful goodies too, all with little handwritten notes attached. It was the sweetest personal touch! 

These pictures do not do this quilt justice, the creativity and workmanship is amazing and I cannot believe this little quilt was made for me! I have to thank Julie at thecraftyquilter.com for being such a wonderful swap partner! She is so creative and makes the most wonderful things, check out her website! Seriously. Especially if you need a little Monday afternoon inspiration, just pop over and be amazed! 

I'll be back with more quilty goodness this week. Right now I'm off to quilt! 

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  1. I love your mini wall! Thanks for highlighting the quilt I made for you. You are so sweet! By the way, I love your new book. I just picked up a copy of my own. The owner of the quilt shop said it was one of the few books that she liked every quilt in it.


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