Happy Mail!!!

I have just a few minutes to pop in and share some exciting news:
My advance copy of Seems Like Scrappy  arrived in the mail!!!

I had just walked in the door and went to let the dogs out before we sat down for dinner and noticed this piece of cardboard that the dogs almost tripped over. As soon as the dogs had finished their business and were in the house safe and sound I screamed for joy!!!

It's so pretty! I know this should be old business for me since I've been working on this book for what feels like forever (in all actuality about a year and a half), but I couldn't wait to sit down and just look through the pages. I even went backwards for whatever reason... 

Anywho, that was the exciting part of my week. I can't wait until this book is finally released and you all can squeal with delight like I did! 


  1. Awesome! So looking forward to seeing the book myself.

  2. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the book - I certainly have a zillion scraps!

  3. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to have a look..


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