Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Nova

It's still Monday, right? Well, over here I'm considering this Monday Part Two.

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. Let's just say that the holidays and my family don't mix. Someone inevitably ends up at an urgent care or an ER... Everyone is fine, life is good, there was just a little hiccup so I couldn't post yesterday. How about we get to that quilt, shall we?
Photo used with permission from Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved. 

I'd like you to meet Nova! Nova, meet everyone!

Some of you may know, others may not. I have a serious art background. I have been drawing practically since I could hold a crayon. This led me to a college program for Graphic Design which then led to my love of quilts along a scenic journey.

I love quilts for their use of color and texture and math! It's true, there is a LOT of math that goes into designing a quilt. This quilt is an even blend for me of the art and the math in quilts. I always thought it would be fun to create a pixellated quilt, but I just couldn't quite get the look I was going for. Most of my quilting doodles would start out with something like this and then I was onto the next doodle.

I honestly don't even remember how this design ended up going from a doodle to a quilt. There must have been a lack of coffee that morning. I just remember the instant I knew it would work. That was a great feeling.

Nova is created using charm packs and yardage for the background, however for an even scrappier look you could substitute mini charms. I had this explosive type coloring in mind (explosive like explosive drawings, not the big boom kind of explosion) and I had fun playing with the colors and textures to create this effect.

This was one of the first quilt tops I completed for this book, but one of the last to get quilted. I had this image in my head of how I wanted the quilting to look and I just couldn't figure out how to do it free motion. Then one day I started stumbling around online and found Abby through Pinterest or Instagram and she just happened to post a new design for her computerized machine and it was EXACTLY what I had in mind!!! This design is called rain puddle I think... Either way, it's perfect and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. For more information on Abby's quilting services, you can visit her here.

All in all, Nova turned into one of the most fun and free thinking quilts that truly speaks to the inner artist in me. It could also speak to the inner whatever in you! I would like to make this quilt again, but I can't decide what fabrics I'd like to use. At one moment I'll think it would look great in soft yet bright florals and a white background... Then I start thinking it would be fun in a monochromatic scheme for a more subtle approach... And then I look in my stash and come up with too many options to pick just one.

If I can ever make a decision and actually start to cut fabric, I will be sure to post pictures here! This is a very fun, very fast, very forgiving quilt that everyone is sure to love! What colors and fabrics would you choose to make your version out of? You just may sway my decision (whenever I get around to making it)

Have a great day and come back next Monday for more quilts from my new book, Seems Like Scrappy, due to be released this June! For other quilts that have already been featured from this new book, click here. 


  1. Oh my - this is a winning design and a spectacular quilt - love it a lot and the quilting is fabulous as well. Wish I could just make a wish and it would appear in my house... sigh ... ;-)

  2. Wow. Rebecca this quilt is gorgeous. Normally my rule is I must love 3 quilts in a book in order to purchase the book for my private library. This quilt changes that! I MUST have this book! Just beautiful. Is it June, yet?


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