Seems Like Scrappy Preview: Medley

Happy Monday! Hahahaha, yeah, it even felt wrong typing that... I'm still downing coffee and think I'm going to need another to keep me going today. Paco (my deaf, blind, super old Chihuahua) decided to sleep all day yesterday after we went for a walk and then he was up all night... So not cool!

Anywho, it is Monday again so I have another quilt from Seems Like Scrappy to share! I'd like to introduce you to Medley:
Photo used with permission from Martingale. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.
Quilting by Steve Kooistra. 


It's quite apparent that sampler quilts are really popular right now. I am seeing them all over other quilter's blogs as well as Pinterest and Instagram. Medley is my version of a simplified sampler. There are several different nine patch blocks within this design so... there's a theme but it's subtle. 

I used a blend of Civil War reproduction fabrics and some batiks to create the color scheme in this quilt. I love combining the two and it gives you a color scheme that is rich and vibrant with a depth of color you wouldn't normally be able to create with just one or the other. 

I love mixing fabrics like this in my quilts because for me, it breaks those unspoken rules in quilting. When I started quilting you hardly ever mixed lines of fabric and if you did it was usually still the same designer's fabrics. It was unheard of to combine two different styles of fabric! And lordy, if you did... The looks and glances that came your way... You were one short ride away from getting your head checked. 

Thankfully the industry has changed and adapted. There are so many innovative quilters that have made crazy wonderful combinations that break these unspoken rules whether it be out of necessity or just because. Basically what I guess I'm trying to say today and with my quilt is this: if you have an idea and you think it'll look amazing - GO FOR IT! 

There are no rules in quilting! There's only guidelines. The greatest part about quilting is there is no right or wrong with anything. There is just what works best for you and that's that. I can think of several ways to make HSTs. I like to make them one way, but that doesn't mean that if you make them different your way is wrong... That just means you took a different path to get to the same end result. Can't we all just celebrate the fact that we are different and build each other up for embracing our individual creativity rather than knock people off of their creative path? Just think on that fact for me and pass along the inspiration. 

Now, I know you won't like everything everyone else does, and you are entitled to your own opinion, but please be respectful of others creativity. Constructive criticism has a time and place. Nasty criticism never has a place... Alrighty, phew! I don't know where that came from, but it obviously had to come out!

As much as I love Medley, I have been thinking of making a softer more girly version with some Liberty of London scraps I have from my latest swap project. I thought the pieces I had were larger so it may not work the way I had in mind, but we will see :) 

I had this quilted with a baptist fan design because it's one of my favorite traditional quilting designs and this quilt begged for it. I'm so happy that it turned out just the way I had in mind! The quilting was the icing on the cake for this quilt and it just finished it off perfectly. 

Medley is a large lap size / small twin so it's a great substantial quilt without being too big. Medley was designed to use fat eighths and some yardage, but it works great with leftover scraps too for more variety within the blocks. 

I try not to play favorites with my quilts, but this one has a special place in my heart. I don't know why, but I think it's because this would fit into any room in my home. It has that comfy cozy feel that fits in regardless of the weather outside or the holidays on the calendar. 

I hope you all like Medley! I can't wait for you to see the book as a whole and it will be released before we know it! I actually just got my advance copy last week and I screamed when it came. You can read all about it in the previous post. 

Seems Like Scrappy will be released in June, so hold on tight and it will be here soon! I will be back next week with another quilt to share! 

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