Sewing Room Tour

Yesterday I had this little burst of energy and I finally directed it to organizing and rearranging my sewing room. Once I was able to get everything set just so, I could sew my little heart out without fretting over the mess in the corner and the piles of fabric everywhere. It's so nice. 
This is how it looks when you walk in. This isn't a large room, it's just a small bedroom, but it's a space that I can leave a mess and shut the door without having to clean up after I'm done sewing. 
Sorry for the overly white light coming from the window, it's been snowing forever it seems around here, hence why I'm staying home again today to sew. The snowdrifts are huge! 

Anywho, this space is small, yet I have crammed a ton of furniture and stuff in here. 
My main accomplishment yesterday was moving out a dresser and moving in this table. I also hung my minis and between the two, this room seems so much larger and taller even though this table is much bigger than the dresser that used to be in here. 

Don't mind the mess of selvages on the top of the cabinet, it's still a work in progress and I do have messes. I'm not super tidy and that's fine with me. 
And finally when you round the corner, my stash is overflowing from my closet. I have some goofy pieces of batting that I don't know if I should hold onto or not, but every time I think about throwing them out, I find a piece for a mini or small project and then I hold onto them... Does anyone else do that?

Well, that's my little happy place! Now, I currently have fabric and quilts and all sorts of quilting stuff in almost every room of my house, I will give you all a more detailed tour of my quilting process later on. 

Mainly because with all of this snow, I'm getting the itch to rearrange my living room, but know I shouldn't do it by myself... Especially after spending a week and a half laid up from chest pains, it would not be smart to hurt myself by moving all of my furniture, but I really want to do it...

Well, I better sew something before I move furniture and do something stupid, so I'm going to wish you all a safe and warm day!!! 


  1. Your sewing space looks marvelous!! I save all my batting pieces too!! I zigzag them together to make "Frankenstein" batting! I have 8 rolls of whole batting, but I just can't waste it and it works perfectly in a quilt!

  2. I hope your feeling better really soon! Your space is wonderful! The lady who quilts for me gives me bags of batting and I use it!

  3. Love this room. I AM A MESSY QUILTER TOO AND JUST BEGINNING TO DESIGN patterns for my small quilt shoo. So much to learn about the business side of things and gettimg patterns published. Not sure where to start first but rearranging my sewing space sounds like a great place to start.


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