Machine Quilting: Blue Churndashes

Well, that wonderful Amy brought me the quilt of a lifetime. I seriously want to play in her stash. She makes me want to play in my stash. It's a never ending battle I'm losing... But it was soooo worth it to work on this quilt.
 When I opened this quilt to come up with a plan... I was too mesmerized by all of the fabrics and combinations in the blocks that I would forget to plan and would just stare... This quilt actually scared me a bit. I was putting so much pressure on myself to come up with something awesome to match the workmanship that went into it and finally I just had to break it down piece by piece and go from there.
 Now Amy is a hand quilter at heart so I tackle her quilts a little differently keeping that traditional styling in mind. I had to consult her on a few of these details because they felt a bit too modern, but I'm soooo glad we used them in this quilt.
 And in true fashion, the borders got their feathers, like a traditional quilt, there's a nice mix of hard lines and soft curves that work well together.
 And then before you knew it, the quilt was done. And I was sad... I didn't want it to leave. I didn't know how to get going and then I didn't want to stop...
 But can you blame me when you have this amazingness to look at?! I miss it already...
But it doesn't stop there... Here's a view of the back. It's a very light detailed white on white that reads like a solid and shows off the quilting beautifully!!! Don't you agree???

Amy... Now I know this quilt has a home... But if she ever doesn't want it anymore, you know where to find me, okay? Seriously...

Thanks again for letting me play on your quilts and thanks for playing along and virtually loving on these quilts with me! It's so fun to look at some of these quilts a week or a month or so later and reminisce.


  1. Your quilting never fails to amaze me. I can see why you didn't want to let it go back to it's home, the color selection for each block and the way she set them has turned a simple churn dash into a work of art. Add your quilting and it's turned into one of those quilts that makes you lose your breathe the first time you look at it. Just amazing.

  2. I quilted a quilt for a quilter here in my little town who is a hand quilter...and she gave me a modern quilt to quilt for show!! There was a bit of pressure there :) but I had a blast quilting it (56 hours of quilting) and didn't want to let it go when I was finished! The quilt has been in 3 shows so far and gotten ribbons in each show! Love what you did with this one!! Always fun to quilt one you don't want to give back!


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