Two words

Root canal...
I had a little setback last week with a tooth ache that turned into an unexpected root canal on Friday. Needless to say I got little quilting done this weekend, but I'm feeling much better now that the meds have kicked in and I plan to take on some super extra long days to keep up with the quilts I need to finish for my customers. 

Please understand that I'd rather heal and be in my best condition to work on your quilt rather than try to work on it in a drug induced stupor...

All I have to say is I'm just glad this didn't happen over vacation... Well, hope you all have enjoyed the quilt pictures I've been posting, I should have more to come soon!!!


  1. You poor girl! I've had a few of those and know that they are definitely no fun! I'm with you on not quilting when you are drugged...been there done that too!!! Get back on your feet and feeling your fabulous self soon!!


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