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I have to say, I feel a tad bummed about not being at Market right now, but being able to see all of the updates and have a #virtualmarket with all the other quilters that are home has been nice. I kicked off my weekend with a trip to some local quilt shops to gather the last few bits of materials needed for some upcoming projects and now I can cut until my arm wants to falls off!
(I wanted to share a picture of my loot from my trip, but I tore into it like a Tasmanian Devil and it's all sorted into projects that I can't show..... So here's a picture of Paco) :)

I had so many projects that were almost ready to be cut, this one needed an accent fabric, this one needed a few more of this... Now I'm set and ready to go. I may need to find a movie or 6 to watch to keep me company, but I'm hoping I can cut a bunch and then sew when I can from time to time during the next few weeks or so.

Other than that, it's been kinda quiet around here, but that's quite alright with me! I finally was able to get some decent pictures of the Mini Plus Quilt so I will work on the details of that pdf and get that tutorial posted probably during the beginning of the week.

By the way, I hope you all are enjoying the Plus Quilt tutorial I posted earlier and I hope you like the printable pdf option. Once I worked out the bugs (hopefully before anyone got to it) and learned what the heck I was doing, I think you all have been able to access it okay. I haven't heard otherwise and I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments about the quilt. This quilt is currently right next to me on the back of the couch all washed up and crinkly and waiting to be used. So far I've just admired it, but I'm thinking tonight if I can use it without having to share it with the dog, tonight might be the night!

Aside from all that, I'm still waking up and drinking coffee so I apologize if I'm rambling. I tried a new allergy pill and I am pretty sure it's worthless so that is adding to the morning mental fog. Sorry. I'm going to go finish my coffee, head to the post office, and then cut into these lovely fabrics I got! My only problem now is which project to work on first! I want to do them all right this second!!! I know it's not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

What are you working on this weekend if you're #notgoingtomarket? Share it with me here or you can find me on Facebook or Instagram (rubybluequilts on both)!!!

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