Mini Scrappy Plus Quilt Tutorial

I know that as excited as many of you were for the larger Plus Quilt Tutorial, you were super excited for the arrival of the Mini Plus Quilt and here it is!
 This quilt was completely made by accident or by resorting to quiet work during insomnia really... I had a bunch of leftover pieces in varying lengths from another project. There were several solids that I knew coordinated since I used them in another project and all of the strips were 1 1/2" wide. So what's a girl to do at 4 in the morning when everyone else is sleeping (even the dog)? I redid the math for the Plus Quilt and made it square rather than rectangular and within an hour or so I had it all cut out, laid out, and ready to go!
 I quilted this up a few weeks ago with just some straight lines using my walking foot for the first true time and it went so fast. I literally quilted this while my Hubbin was getting ready, that's it! Why did I not try this sooner?! Alas, then I got it bound and then we had no sun for weeks (or we had it when I wasn't home) and without it I just couldn't get good pictures of the colors. But here it is hanging in my sewing room:
Yep, there's another mini I made that I still have to share and the Mustang I stare at every time I sew. If you haven't heard the story, my Hubbin loves Mustangs and wants one something fierce. Well, he got this die cast model for Christmas one year and promptly placed it in my sewing room so while I'm quilting and writing books I know what to strive for with all of my hard work ;) It started out as a joke, but the Mustang model is still there years later and I don't think it's moving any time soon!

Well, as with the larger version of this quilt, I've created a printable pdf file you can get to by clicking here that will tell you all of the details of this quilt. Remember, both quilts were designed to be scrappy so the directions tell you how many pieces to cut, not how much yardage you'll need. Especially with this little mini, you can easily get the pieces you need out of scraps without a lot of fuss.

Which reminds me, I rearranged my stash again (it will always be a work in progress) and I want to show you what I've done. It's working out quite well and I'm thinking I may need to dive into my scrap stash later this week... We shall see.

And as always, if you create one of these Scrappy Plus Quilts using either tutorial, please send me pictures!!! I'd love to see what you've done. And remember you can always find me at my email at rubybluequilts (at) gmail (dot) com or you can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook at rubybluequilts!

Right now I'm finishing up my coffee, gonna eat some breakfast and see if it's warm enough to paint. I need to get a few things painted and I think today is the last chance I'll have to get it done. This weekend they are calling for icky wet snow already. Trick or Treating for Halloween is Friday night and it doesn't sound like the weather is going to be great... Hope you all have a great day and enjoy these tutorials! I have a few more in the works to share in the near future... Talk to you all soon!

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  1. So cute!!! Love both your little quilts :) Don't tell your husband, but my first car was a white over red 1965 Mustang convertible! Yeah, still kicking myself that I sold it for $500...dumb!!!


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