And the Super Slacker Award for Blogging Goes To...

That would be me... Last week was just kinda rough starting out with an on again off again "quilter's elbow" and just life in general, let's just say it wasn't my week. 

I had all of the best intentions and yeah. Then I'm not sure what happened. However, I did lock myself at home one day with no plans but to sew. I did get some mini quilts done for swaps I've joined and just some fun sewing (so it's not like I'm sitting here doing nothing and eating bonbons all day) I thought about blogging, really I did, but I was in quilter hermit mode in my jammies and I got so much done, Moses couldn't part me from my sewing machine. And then I must've over done it because after a bit of hand quilting this morning and long arming, my elbow was screaming at me again... I don't like it!

Well, to prove I did get some stuff done, here's the one mini I made just because: 
It's currently basted and ready to quilt, once I finish a binding or five. No joke, really, that will be my weekend. I may need to get a few movies to watch, see anything good lately?

Well, that's it for today, I'll get back into this blogging groove soon, honestly I'm just enjoying the cool weather and being a hermit in my jammies from time to time. 😊


  1. You have been a very productive lady!! I'm sorry you are paying the price physically...never any fun when what we love to do also makes us hurt!!! Get back to good health soon...we'll all be here when you get back!!


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