Machine Quilting: B&W & Orange

Sometimes I just love the anticipation of actually seeing a quilt from the story I hear about it from the person that made it. This quilt definitely ranks high up on that list. It's so fun and bright and Kathy is just a doll, so I knew this was going to be fun.
 My favorite calls for long arm quilting are the conversations that start with something like "Now it's really bright and crazy". This quilt lives to to that no problem. The other fun element for this quilt was the pieced backing. Some of Kathy's friends were trying to talk her either into doing two quilts or one super awesome quilt. Well, this turned into a super awesome quilt.
 The main areas of the quilt were quilted in orange thread in a wave pattern to mimic one of the favorite prints in the black and white fabrics (you really can't see it here). We made the decision to play up the stars knowing the quilting wouldn't stand out anywhere else. Since the stars had an ombre effect, I used three different threads, red, orange and yellow, in the opposing direction of the stars to have even more fun. This way then the red stars have yellow thread, the lighter stars had the darker thread and the quilting stood out even more.
 Plus the geometric quilting in the stars is a complete contrast from the swirly waves that you probably still can't see quilted in this picture... Oh well. It looks really cool in person.
 And here's the back. This quilt was made for Kathy's son. She added his name to the bottom and used the leftover pieces from the front to make this awesome stripe on the back and framed it with an ombre fabric. This really could have been two quilts, but I think it's pretty neat as a front and a back.
You can see the quilting a ton better on the back and the stars stand out nicely.

Thanks, Kathy! You did a great job and I hope Kevin loves it! He's lucky to have an awesome Mom like you make a quilt like this one!

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  1. First choice more feminine color block. I also like the scrappy. It seems more masculine. Amazes me what a difference it makes to switch up color placement. Can't wait for the pattern.


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