WIP report on Thursday

So yesterday I stayed home to sew, mainly because my car was getting new brakes and it gave me the perfect excuse to sew the day away. 

Earlier this week I started cutting out fabrics for a plus quilt. It's just one of those quilts I've always loved and finally got the urge to make it. 
This is what I started with. I laid it out yesterday morning in a scrappy fashion and it was okay. 
The thing was I liked it but I didn't love it... So in a moment of weakness (or pure genius, you decide) I changed up the layout entirely and shifted the colors from one to the next:
It was a pain to lay out (not gonna lie) and I had to cut up just a few more pieces to fit the open spaces, but I LOVE it!!!

It's gonna take me a bit to sew it together, but once I do, I'm planning on posting a tutorial! I looked online for one and all of the sizes were either too big or too small so I ended up doing my own thing. 

I'm having so much fun I just might make two! I may make the other one more traditionally with maybe all oranges (I have a thing for orange lately, I can't explain). I'm also thinking of going super crazy with a scrappy binding to match the colors going around the quilt... I'm thinking it will make me super bonkers, but after thinking of it, I don't think I can change my mind. 

So that's what I've been working on. Which layout do you prefer, the color shift or the scrappy version?


  1. Color shift all the way!!! Really adds to the beauty and complexity of the quilt!!! It is my absolute favorite Plus quilt ever!!!

  2. The scrappy one is okay, but the color shift one is a WOW!

    Carole D

  3. Color Shift for sure - and I am a scrappy kinda gal.

  4. color shift is the way to go

  5. Depends on your intent. Color shift is feminine. Scrappy reads masculine.


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